Boho Beachwear

Boho Beachwear

Ultimate Boho Beachy Vibe 

Putting together the perfect poolside outfit means much more than selecting a random swimsuit or an ordinary beach cover-up. It does take a lot of effort to style yourself in a very sassy way whilst staying in your comfort zone. But don’t worry girls, Boho-chic clothing has your back! That time of the year which we gals anxiously wait for is finally here. Yes! It’s time to take out your favorite designer bikini, put on some sunscreen and drive straight to the beach with your girlies to get some perfect sun-kissed selfies. If you too have been confused about what to wear to the beach, you’re on the right page! 

Bohemian fashion is a fashion that expresses and impresses because of its extremely distinctive nature. And when summers arrive, your wardrobe looks forward to clothes with subtle floral patterns and light colors. Chic Boho staples and beachy boho outfits become the ultimate go-to! Just go grab that yellow kimono you've been waiting for months to wear or the dress you ordered recently. It's time to beat the heat with your looks! 

In this article, you’re gonna get solutions to all your 99 summer outfit problems. You’re gonna get to know all about the perfect picks when you’re off to the beach and various ways to style all of them. Even if you’re off to a shopping spree and have a plan to visit the beach, we’ve got your back. Let’s wait no more and move on to the 5  best picks beach outfits. Let’s get shopping, summer-loving ladies! 

1. Swimsuits:  

A swimsuit is an item that is worn to engage in any kind of water-based activity or a sun-oriented activity. The swimsuits were first worn in the mid-1800s and started becoming popular in almost no time. It still remains the best option while you’re off to the beach as this one piece can be styled effortlessly and gives you the right amount of sassy.  A swimsuit is a perfect weapon for flaunting that summer body! And girls… Here we are talking about no other than boho-chic swimsuits! Well, of course, each one of us is a sucker for the subtle floral patterns on bohemian clothing. The patterns and specific attractive colors are the two main things that define bohemian attire and make it distinctive from any other clothing line. The color palette of boho-style swimsuits ranges from shades of mustard, blue, red, white, and sage. They come both as a two-piece and as one-piece suits. Just slip on a swimsuit and you’re all set to get stuck in everyone's mind on the beach, only because of em’ sassy looks girl!

Just like you, the fabulous one. Looking for a sassy monokini to ever so slightly cover your gorgeous boho curves.

We got you covered right here 

How to Style these Sassy Swimsuits? 

Keeping it simple is the key to style a swimsuit which is why styling a swimsuit is super easy! Because our style also reflects our personality, you should make sure you’re reflecting the real YOU! Accessories like sunglasses and hats are must-haves for a day on the beach. With a sexy boho-chic swimsuit, you can always wear your favourite groovy glasses and if you are an accessory lover, minimal studs or colorful bracelets are a go-to anywhere, anytime.  You can wear solid-colored shorts with your fav boho-styled swimsuit while riding to the beach and for a cover-up, you can use a patterned tunic. Your flip-flops are waiting for you to take them out of the cupboard this time. For hair, let the summer breeze touch your hair. Natural hair would make you look like a goddess! 

2. Chic Boho Kimonos: 

Kimonos, the national dress of Japan, when worn represents both grace and elegance. It is a perfect choice for girls always looking for comfort with style! They were first worn during the Japanese Heian Period. Of course, not worn as a beach dress back then, but girls now definitely know how to pull on different staples with class. Who doesn't want to slay while staying in their comfort zone? It is a Loose-fitted long, T-shaped dress. Kimonos are usually tied up when worn on the beach for a more stylish look. Kimonos are worn by women very often whether on poolside parties with their girlfriends or on the day at a beach as it is the best possible cover-up. Their loose sleeves and airline borders make everyone want to wear them! Chic boho Kimonos come in a variety of small and subtle patterns which is the one reason why women love them immensely. Let’s just wait no more and move on to a few styling tips! 

How to Style a Chic Boho Kimono?    

Although the term ‘bohemian’ has a completely different meaning now, boho style clothing pieces in many ways still represent a more free-spirited, groovy, and carefree style of dressing that is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Well, talking about kimonos, all that comes to our mind is the word ‘Elegance’. A kimono with minimal floral patterns or with bold colors can top off your any look! Trust us, it’ll look better than any other staple! Put on your sunscreen and your most loved lipgloss to do wonders! You also can wear your kimono by wrapping it around your waist like a sarong. Beachy waves? Duh, couldn’t get better. Oh wait! we surely can’t miss out on the accessories so grab your beach back and a pair of round sunglasses to look like an absolute queen. You can style this one look with toe-post sandals or your fav sneakers and this is how you get ready to slay!

3. Charming Tunics: 

Summers are all about a beachy wardrobe and it is believed that a beachy wardrobe is all about swimsuits and bikinis. Boring, right? Don’t worry girls, this time we’ve got your back! A tunic is one of the essentials you definitely need to make a part of your wardrobe. Tunics are perfect beach cover-ups! A tunic is a one-piece garment mostly made up of chiffon or a thin cloth. Yes, now is the time to flex your perfect summer body that you’ve been working so hard on! The length of this staple is slightly above the knees and it usually is loose-fitted. Getting comfy vibes already? Hell yeah! Boho chic tunics come in a variety of colors and patterns- groovy and floral. They mostly have bell sleeves. Talking about the neckline, look for something that makes you look hot? Well, tunics are the option! They mostly have a V-shaped plunging neckline or a scoop neck which looks really flattering! Let’s wait no more and move on to the styling tips and tricks!

How to Style the Charming Tunics?

Well, be a bit choosy on the color palette with this one! Choose pastels as they are the most loved colors of the 21st century. Bohemian-style clothing mostly falls in the pastel color palette which will make you look like a boho queen! Another styling tip that can level up your Boho game is always pairing up a boho-chic tunic with Bermuda shorts as you can always style these shorts in your own unique way and can still look gorgeous effortlessly! To add more spice to your look, choose a funky headband and go for loose curls. This will make you look classy with a bit of sassiness. Put on some lip and cheek tint to complete the look. Wearing water sports shoes for activities like surfing is a must-have! So girls, be ready to grab your tunics to express and impress both!

4. Trendsetting Sarongs: 

Sarong, the name itself describes how classy this one-piece can make you look.  A sarong can be made from any spare piece of fabric and that too of any length which is wrapped around the waist as a cover-up on any sexy bikini you’re willing to wear. Wearing it as a dress or skirt is also an option though. A sarong was first worn in the early 1800s mainly 1834 which was at first referred to as a skirt-like garment of the Malay. Well, that didn’t change with time. The styling divas have figured out way too many ways to style sarongs and when we talk about boho-chic sarongs you know it’s time to slay! The material of sarongs mostly worn is usually chiffon or silk, the comfiest of them all. Off to a daytime party at the beach, a picnic with your best friend, or even a long drive, the sarong can be your best pal. It’s time you get the sarongs out of your wardrobe and choose one! This piece would surely match anyone’s comfort zone. Boho-styled sarongs too have pretty patterns all over them that make up your look no matter what. But, are you also one of those who hesitate to wear a sarong just because you couldn’t decide how to style yourself on the beach wearing a sarong? Don’t worry at all! Today you’re gonna know quite a few ways to slay this essential chic piece. 

How to Style a Sarong in the Right Way?

Although Boho fashion seems pretty simple and easy, it can be a bit tricky a few times! The sarong is itself a unique clothing piece that can give you a difficult time styling it. But just a few tricks can make you do wonders! Whether you’re styling it with your most-loved tee or a designer bikini, it works well with every top if styled the correct way! You also can mismatch the colors to experiment with your beach looks too. For hair, a messy bun would make people go crazy over your looks. You also can go with the pattern on pattern trend with this one piece by choosing a printed, colorful sarong. Put on a floppy hat and a necklace of your choice and you’re good to go! 

5. Boho Beach Dresses: 

Bohemian style dresses were first worn by the models on runways back in the 18th century.  They are usually long; their length varies from the knees to the ankles. Those who aren’t willing to visit the beach for a swim but for feeling the summer breeze and enjoying the evening should definitely go for boho-chic dresses! They are usually sleeveless and have a low-cut neckline. Sexy, isn’t it? They’re made up of the comfiest of all fabrics, Cotton. The embellishments and patterns on boho clothing represent its culture and the artistic nature of the person wearing it.  Well, if boho-chic dresses were to be described in a word, it would be “perfect” that's because it makes you attractive, it is made up of breathable fabric and also is loose-fitted! Girls, what's stopping you from giving this masterpiece a try now? 

How to Style a Boho Beach Dress?

Overdressing is never our goal but the goal is to keep it simple whilst looking hella gorgeous so no one can get their eyes off you! As you girls know, bright colors and that too on the beach would look amazing so go for light and bright colored beach dresses! Styling yourself with a field hat and sunglasses will add a vintage touch to your look. Talking about the hair go for what your heart says but straightening up your hair is a good option so people would beg you to style them your way!  So what awaits you now? If you’re wearing a long and glamorous beach dress you also have the option of going for pearl studs or colorful bracelets. For footwear, go for some beachy rope sandals. Go get yourself a beach dress and style yourself the way you’ve always been dreaming of! You’re all set to look like the goddess of nature!

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