Boho Shorts

The Eye-Catching Boho Shorts and How to Style Them

Bohemian fashion has always been more than just a fashion trend. It has been slaying the fashion world for almost 200 years and as of today, it is known as an icon of dressing in a very funky way. This unique free-style fashion was introduced by the flower people (Hippies) back in the 1970s, and then it massively gained popularity all over the world.

These loose yet fitted pieces of clothing can effortlessly be styled phenomenally! Because of their unstructured silhouettes, alluring patterns, and fittings, the boho shorts can hold on to the wonderfully, messy, comfy, and unique boho vibe. Not only the boho shorts aim to slay, but they also have a classical touch that can be achieved by mixing it up with the urban trends of today. Couldn’t get any better! 

The Bohemian shorts are colorful with blooming floral designs on them, but they are also available in solid colors for our monochromatic boho queens. Trust us when we say that they are definitely the comfiest piece of bottoms you must have in your wardrobe! You don’t need a lot of Bohemian pieces in your cupboard to look chic, a few would be more than enough to pull off the perfectly imperfect look, and this is certainly one of them.

Whether you’re spending your day at home chilling, or going out for shopping or groceries, or even having a date night, Bohemian shorts are no doubt the best pick for you. The motto of us all Boho fashionistas is to look effortlessly flawless, perfectly imperfect! And these boho shorts can definitely seal that deal. Let’s look at a few different styles of these chic boho shorts;

The Different Styles of Boho Shorts:

Bohemian Shorts

Multiple trends come and go every year, but shorts will forever be an essential staple for everyone’s summer wardrobe.  Boho chic shorts, also known as hippie shorts, come in various groovy designs and patterns. Their length varies on the style, whether they are Bermuda length or till the knees. These chic shorts with lace on them never fail to win the hearts of people who love unconventional styling. They also give a more put-together and chic yet dapper finish to your everyday look. The expressive nature of the bohemian attire makes these funky patterned boho shorts a wardrobe essential for all you beautiful ladies who are looking forward to pulling off a very unique look, more like a vintage goddess! Bold colors and busy patterns are definitely the tickets that make your shorty look effortlessly stylish! Mentioned below are the different styles of these boho-chic shorts:

Paper Bag Shorts:

Boho culture and style were not born yesterday. In fact, it has a captivating history that has traveled all the way long, from the peculiar streets of France to the USA, before becoming a global sensation for women all around the world. The trend of boho shorts started back in the 2000s and has been constantly growing as it is now considered essential for summertime staples. The original Bohemians are known to be travelers from central Europe who are also called ‘the people of Gypsy’ but how they inspired others with their culture and styling of their attire was just amazing as the trends of their attire, including boho shorts, continuously grew with time.

The paper bag boho shorts are well known for this name because of the way they make your waist look thinner. Just a grab piece of these and instantly see the difference on your waist! This is a hot trend since the 2000s and is still loved by many. Today, the wide variety and uniqueness of boho-chic clothes and accessories make the attire stand out in front of any other type of clothing.

This attire follows the guidelines of effortlessness, comfortably styling chic clothing with loose-fittings.  The styling of these shorts makes them exceptionally comfy and the first choice of many bohemian women. These chic yet classy shorts are usually high-waisted and have an elastic waist. They usually fall in a warm color palette; e.g.  Maroon, Mustard, tones of Orange, Browns, and Greens. They could also be seen in lovely patterns or with embroidery on them which further attracts the eyes.

How to Style Paper Bag Shorts?

Even though the term ‘bohemian’ is now completely different from its original meaning, in any way it still represents a more free-spirited, groovy, and carefree style of dressing that is a perfect addition and must have to any wardrobe no matter what your style is. For these funky boho shorts, you don't ever have to think even once about the color palette! Combine the cool and warm, light and dark, bright and dull ones so your styling radiates attraction and energy so you can style them with a solid colored tee or one with a lot of fun patterns. To get a chunkier and free-spirited look, you can always accessorize yourself with a statement jewelry piece (boho crystal earrings are the best match here!), it can be a crystal necklace or even pretty feather bracelets. Top off your effortlessly gorgeous look with a pair of lacy sandals. For your hairdo go for a loose messy bun or half updo with beachy waves and you’re ready to leave everyone speechless and slay the day!

Bermuda Shorts:

The artists around 200 years ago slowly got into the bohemian mindset, which meant that they started to spread and express their culture among others to make it well known and prominent, which is the reason why people got aware of how creative they were! These chic Bermuda shorts are a bit above the knee and are considered to be the most worn shorts. They fall in the semi-casual category of shorts, so they can be worn on a daily basis whether you’re out partying with your girlfriends, or off to a road trip, or even a picnic! You can always style these shorts in your own unique way and can still look gorgeous effortlessly! It also gives an overall artistic and creative mix of elements in a single look that can easily be created.

Bohemian attire is worn by men and women all over the world as it is a style of dressing that is inspired by the lifestyle of free-spirited and artistic people of the present 21st century and can be styled in their own special way. Bohemian attire is all about ethnic and vintage pieces that involve innumerable groovy prints that are funky, colorful, and definitely comfy. That’s all you look for, right? 

They are usually made up of natural fabrics e.g. cotton (for comfort), and earthy colors (Skin, grey, and brown), and of course, funky patterns. Even after 200 years, these Bohemian-styled Bermuda shorts are still a fashion statement followed by a wide range of cultures and people who like their style and vibe to be different and eye-catching, always!

How to Style Bermuda Shorts?

When it comes to going for a boho-chic outfit, comfort is always the first priority! These Hippie shorts are especially adored in bohemian attire as they are flowy and soft with gentle silhouettes. So you can style these Boho shorts in any way you want and pull of the chic yet casual, and stylish yet comfy look! Choose tops with details like hand-embroidered motifs, studs, tassels, and mirror work to look like an absolute goddess. For footwear, low cowboy boots or long boots both are a good option but trust us even casual lace-ups wouldn’t go wrong at any time. An ethnic drawstring bag and an oversized printed scarf are a good option whether you’re off to lunch or going out to a party.

Capri Shorts:

Today, the bohemian chic short attire is usually described as a fashion that is groovy and chic! Uniquely styled and loved by women all around the world.

The Boho trends, especially the Capri shorts, always draw the attraction of unique and jazzy women and the reason is that they can be styled effortlessly. Innumerable people style these Capri shorts in their own artistic and quirky way. When you want to embrace your love for boho fashion, you should always go for these unique Capri shorts that showcase eye-catching prints and a vast color palette, consisting of multiple attractive colors e.g. maroon, mustard, and black.

Capris are three-quarter shorts that extend till the calf muscle which is why they are called ‘pants’ too. Boho-chic capris are the perfect choice for petite women. You can wear them with an off-shoulder top or tuck in your favorite tee. Trust us, anything would go well with these if you consider them as a choice! These shorts have mixed print patterns and embroideries on them which completes a look even if paired up with minimal accessories and a casual updo for your hair.

How to Style Capri shorts?

Styling your look in Capri shorts is always a good option as with the help of these chic shorts you can get both a casual and modern look. We can bet that people would beg you to style them your way! Even a solid, light-colored tee or crop top can never go wrong. Consider ethnic printed tops with off-shoulder cuts or V-lined/ Boat necks as they just go right with these shorts and pairing the right pair of sunglasses would leave everyone absolutely speechless! Boots in colors of brown, black, and grey really give you a sensational look. As Bohemian style is all about mixing colors, patterns, and layering, so you can always wear a printed kimono or a cardigan on top of your solid-colored tee to get a more modern yet cozy look in winters although shorts are summer-time essentials. Style your hair with cute braids this time and yes queen, you’re ready to slay! These styling tips will no doubt make you look like the queen of Boho divas!

The Uniqueness of Bohemian Shorts?

Even though boho-chic clothing came into fashion more than 200 years ago, today, well-known designers still continue to inspire people with this style and we very often see boho-chic clothing in their collections and on the ramps of famous fashion shows. Bohemian style is one of those aesthetics that is timeless. It will never truly go away as it has its own spark and is very distinctive from other apparel. Still not convinced about these must-have fashion icons? Give a read to some of the characteristics that make these shorts unique!
The eye-catching prints:
When talking about these very unique bohemian shorts, we can safely say that their rich, colorful patterns make everyone go crazy over them. Some also have delicate embroidery on them which instantly upgrades one’s looks!
The comfy fabric:
    Boho attire completely is all about looking stylish and feeling comfy at the same time. The boho shorts are made up of natural clothing fabrics like cotton, linen, and bamboo so the one wearing them fulfills their wish of nature and a breezy summer wardrobe and still have no regrets! These cotton shorts are absolutely essential for your closet- they’ll make you feel like the true boho queen!
    Flowy and loose fitted nature:
      Styling these shorts can effortlessly give a casual yet stylish look with the right picks. In case, if you are willing to have a bold n chic look, then tuck in your shirt and pair up these shorts with trendy accessories which is the key to style boho attire. As these shorts are free-flowing and loose-fitted, hence one can wear them at any time of the day and slay with less effort!
        The various embellishments used in bohemian clothing i.e. tassels, feathers, and lucky charms enhance their quirkiness and make them even more loved by those artistic people who love unconventional styling. If you’re one of them, then leave whatever you’re doing and go buy some Boho shorts!


        Well, this was all you needed to know about Bohemian shorts and quite a few styling tips to slay the Boho queen look with ease. We hope this article proved to be helpful!

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