White Bohemian Dress

The Bohemian White dress is a classic staple for as long as dresses were a thing. 

Whether it just be a Summer dress, romantically inclined for a Summer wedding off a beach is so properly connected.  There are some that enjoy just wearing white, all day every day. A kind of special bohemian woman that rolls that way for sure! 

What comes to mind when you think WHITE dress... maybe is it Wedding, Beach, Midsummer’s night’s dream, romance, feelings of happiness and bliss as well as freedom. 

We love white clothing as it always seems so fresh or aka fwesh!

The opposite of black and dark the white says light and bright all that the bohemian gal lives by.  We are so grateful to provide you all bohemian gals with the opportunity to take your white bohemian dress from our beautiful collection for your amazing adventures.

We send you off into the light with all the joy, love, and grace that the universe can possibly provide. 

Keep top of mind that a crystal-clear beach is recommended for such a pristine dress aka frock. The white sandy beaches of Cuba, or the Greek islands, or perhaps the Isla Majeures strip be an ideal location for feet out dress on a walk down the beach. So sexy and romantic that no money can buy the feels and the soul vibing at a higher frequency.

Fabrications ideal for a white dress are the following: 

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Lace
  • Cotton/Silk blend
  • Linen
  • Cotton/Linen/Silk blend
  • Cotton/Silk blend
  • Cotton/Linen blend
  • Polyester/Viscose

These fabrics depending on blend could be a bit restrictive, so getting a size up would not hurt.  It may be a bit bigger in some areas so you should have the item tailored a bit to get the ideal fit you need to make it work.

Keep top of mind that some fabrics cannot be let out to get the ideal fit, as it may compromise the finished look of the garment.

Such as Cotton and Linen fabrics, actually, restrict the fitting end-use. Plus, you cannot let out the seams on these types of fabrications as the stitches from where they originally were stitched will show and may not go away. 

Be cognizant of the fabrications of your white dresses and be sure to look through the spec charts or fit charts as they will give you measurements that your body should be to fit the garment.

Also, keep in mind that the specs you measure and the specs per the size of the garment chosen may differ as per the fabrication. No two garments fit exactly the same, not 2 of the same sized garments fit exactly the same. 

We are confident though, that the White bohemian dresses chosen here for you are fashionably in tune with today's bohemian trends as well as quality assured for a fluid approach to your summer season ahead. 


We love the bohemian white dresses for casual barbeque backyard gatherings, a visit to a community block party gathering, a stroll down the boardwalk, a day out with the kiddies at the beach, or even like said before as an Avant Gard hippie styled wedding.

No one has your covered in the bohemian white dress as be-bohemian has it for you gals.

The off the shoulder look is very romantic especially if the fabrication is a bit more whimsical than a straight crisp dress. We love the lace and the viscose that allows more whimsical movement.

Life is a beach and this summer we will be living as such.

We thrive on details, love the coordination of outfits, and encouraging the bohemian flair from your hair to the tips of your toes. If you check out the blog on curly girl’s bohemian hairstyles, we are sure you can find a fluidity from your hairstyles to the chosen dress to the accessories on your hands, wrists, ankles, and toes.

In our opinions, we feel that the bohemian girl lives in the details. The dresses we have chosen for you are short fluttery to long flowing. All occasions are covered right here in your one-stop shop for the flowing glowing White bohemian dress style.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

We wish you all a safe a wonderous day!

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