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If you too are someone who wants to look flawless anytime, no matter wherever you’re off to, a few right bohemian style staples are what you definitely need in your wardrobe! As the season is shifting, so is the style, and all of us are looking forward to looking like absolute snow queens this season!

Wait, isn’t your wardrobe incomplete without a few stylish staples as outerwear? Winters are definitely not worth it if you don’t have the right outerwear because they are the pieces that make or break your winter looks. You can pull on outerwear e.g. jackets and coats perfectly anywhere anytime, be it even above your night suit if you’re in a hurry. Oh and the good thing? You can style them in innumerable ways. Who doesn’t want to look like the queen of boho-chic style when you’re someone with a free-spirited, artistic nature. Of course, everyone’s aim in the 21st century is to create their own looks and leave fashion statements wherever they go. But how can you style yourself perfectly yet effortlessly in winters? Simple, go for some boho-chic outerwear! 

Boho-style clothing fits right into the style of free-spirited artistic people, the ones who have their own unique ways of living. It is so much more than an ordinary attire as it represents a culture of its own! Till today, boho-style continues to play an integral role in our mainstream culture even after hundreds of years! If you’re on the lookout to add some more style to your daily routine looks or if you’re someone who likes experimenting with looks, then you surely are on the right page. Everyone in today's world wants to feel comfy and slay at the same time. Oh, and you know what's the best of all? If you’re someone who is a die-hard fan of boho-chic clothing you know already that there are no defined rules between minimalists and modern in here! This fashion is all about representing your inner self through your style and living to the fullest! 

So, if you too are on an outlook for styling in ways that make people crush on you, we would definitely recommend you to go for boho-chic outerwear! Today, In this article, we will be sharing various styles of bohemian outerwear and styling tips for you all beautiful ladies out there to look like Greek goddesses, even in the casual clothing line with the help of various chic Bohemian outerwear.

 So girlies, let’s get styling!

The Must-Have Boho Coats:

Winters without pulling on a coat are incomplete. The first necessary staple in your wardrobe for winters should definitely be a coat. Although boho style has its own vibe and energy, styling its staples can be a bit of pain sometimes. This attire requires your dedication and love for bohemian clothing, how you can showcase the boho queen inside you. But for this you don’t have to worry at all, we’ve got your back! We are obviously not saying you need to take out a lot of time to style this staple and show your love for the Bohemian aesthetic. It’s just that with a few right accessories you can get done with all your daily chores. 

The coat first came into fashion in the 1800s and no other fashion piece could ever take over the importance of a coat ever since then! If you’re looking forward to updating your outerwear collection, don’t forget to add in a few more coats, girls. Let’s aim to define colors this winter. Don’t just stick to the ordinary colors as everyone does. Wanna look cute? A baby pink coat issa big YES! Well, taking an overview of bohemian style coats, their length varies (can be both knee-length and ankle-length). It actually depends on what suits you the best. The key point that makes boho attire so unique from any other attire is its prints and the fact, the more pretty embellishments it has, the more Boho it looks. 

The patterns on boho-chic clothing are very often floral but for free-spirited people like us, they also come in various groovy patterns. These coats have puffy or long bishop sleeves. They fit really well no matter in what style they come in. You can choose whatever style makes you feel warm and comfy because Bohemian fashion is all about YOUR comfort whilst staying stylish. Boho-chic coats have add-ons like ribbons and belts which makes the attire perfect for any occasion! The color palette for these coats can fall in both light and dark colors e.g. mustard, black, red, white, and maroon. Wherever you’re off too whether it’s Halloween night, a shopping spree, or a hangout with your girlfriends, these coats are befitting for any occasion in winter! Let’s take a look at how to style a boho-chic coat in 2021!

How to Style Bohemian Styled Overcoats?

Overcoats are one of the biggest trends of the 2000s! Styling a staple the right way can be a difficult thing to do and if you too are looking for multiple ways to slay a look in boho-chic coats… You’re on the right page! Winters are more like all about layering, go for your button-down shirt, a sweater on top of it, and then this one boho-chic staple that’ll make heads turn because of how good you’ll look! As ankle-length or knee-length boots are the first choices of every woman for winter styling, boots would look way too good with a boho-chic coat. This will give you an unbothered queen outlook! Let’s just choose very unique accessories this time to make you look extraordinary! Go for the beanie your friend gifted you or your favorite furry earmuffs. Try matching the color of your beanie with your coat, it looks amazing! Other than this to stay cozy all day long you can wear knitted gloves. Well, they are our favorite! Trust us, your friends will be begging you to style them with your aesthetic! 

The Edgy Boho Denim Jackets:

Surely, you all are aware of the denim jacket trend that recently took over the hearts of millions!  The first time a denim jacket was worn was in the late 90s and was later worn approximately 10 years later by cowboys and miners. Later, in the 1980s it was time when the word ‘denim jacket’ was no longer ordinary! Models were seen on runways wearing this staple, killing with their style. This is how Denim jackets officially became a necessary staple for everyone's closet! 

For those of you who don't know how the denim jackets look, they’re made up of cotton! Yes, the fabric is considered by all. A denim jacket is a staple that can be worn literally everywhere! You don’t even have to think once. Going to a house party or a shopping spree? We would definitely recommend it! These jackets are button-down and have full sleeves so you can pull on your favorite casual white dress below this jacket and trust us, you’re good to go. So what awaits you girls from getting one?  Go grab your boho-chic denim jacket right away and start winning hearts y’all! 

How to Style a Denim Jacket?

With no more wait, let’s get started with how you can pull on this jacket perfectly! Trust us, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to look like a boho queen. A few right choices will make you slay the day! So, as we all are aware of the denim on denim trend, so you can wear your favorite blue or black flare pants and a solid colored tee (Of any color!) and wear the jacket above it. If you’re off to a party a knee-length dress is a go-to! Accessories play a major part in how you look and they reflect your style so go for a few pretty rings and a bunch of bracelets. If your love for necklaces is a bit too much, your crystal pendant is right there waiting for you to choose it! These minimal accessories will surely enhance the whole look instantly. For hair, a headband or bandana with loose curls. Duh, we are already crushing on this look! For shoes either go for sneakers or long boots. This is how you can perfectly create a look in winter using a denim jacket. 

The Daring Bohemian Styled Capes:

A cape as a staple is something that came in fashion a long time ago. It was first worn by the kings to showcase their pride and position, hundreds of years back. As everything seems to be revolving with time, styling a cape has become more than just a fashion. We can very often see people wearing capes in winters, it’s more like a part of the street style. 

Women today love choosing a cape for their go-to look as it instantly gives your look a spark and definitely makes you look attractive instantly. Trust us, all the eyes would be stuck on you at the event you’re attending. A cape is a one-piece cloth that is to be worn over your casual or formal clothing, depending on the occasion and your style both! Girls mostly wear them on a casual basis because everyone surely gets tired from dressing the same every day. Bohemian capes come with various beautiful, floral patterns and those too in eye-catching colors. So you can pick one of your own choices, for example, if you're off to your college and you can't find the right staple from your wardrobe, a cape is a solution for all your 99 fashion problems. It's going to be really easy now! You can get ready for college within 10 minutes and that too in style! So what are you waiting for girls! Just go and fill that closet with this one staple! If your wardrobe is missing, you're surely missing a lot!

How to Style a Boho Chic Cape?

Styling a Cape is always a good option for winters as you can style this one staple in both casual and formal ways. When it comes to styling a bohemian staple, comfort is the very first thing to keep in mind. Capes especially are loved way too much in today's era because of how effortlessly they can be styled. You can wear any casual t-shirt or tank top with your comfy pajamas and trust us you’ll still look representable! However, if you’re off to a dinner or hangout wearing a cape above a solid colored tee and denim/cropped jeans is the right option. One of the tricks to styling a Cape perfectly is to style it with perfectly fitted jeans (avoid baggy pants). Oh, and velvet tights would also work well. For your hairdo, you can go for a loose yet sleek bun or you too can show your love for braids this time! For shoes, if you’re comfy in small pencil heels, definitely go for it but if you're a comfort lover sneakers can work any day anytime! Well, we are sure you don’t have to think a lot about getting a cape after getting to know how effortlessly it can be styled! Everyones surely gonna fall for your style! 

These were the various types of Bohemian style outerwear to style yourself perfectly in winters and quite a few styling tips to slay the Boho queen looks with great ease. We hope this article proved to be helpful!


Living Bohemian vibes thru and thru... everyone needs a jacket from time to time!

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