Boho Tops

The Trendy Stylish Boho Tops 

Bohemian-styled clothing was believed to be suited for the hippies of the 19th century but now as times have evolved so much, there are innumerable ways to look like a Greek goddess in the vibrant and groovy bohemian clothing! Off to a day-themed party? Or wanna spend some me-time staying at home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you back! If you know how to style things the right way, you can conquer anything you want, and that too with Queen-A behavior! 

Today, you’ll get to know all about the different varieties of boho-tops and how to style them in chic ways. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping! 

The Groovy Boho T-Shirts and Graphic Tees:

The basic component of chic Boho clothing is funky patterns! Traditionally, the Boho wardrobe was meant for hipsters to wear and was thought of as styles that were ‘just a phase’ and would go out of trend in no time. How terribly wrong! And time has proven that. Let’s no more stick to such misconceptions and take a look at what the truth is. 

Bohemian T-shirts, be it with graphic prints or embroideries, came in trend in the 1940s, and do tees ever get out of fashion? Duh, it’s a big NO! Boho-styled tees have been in fashion ever since, although many trends did come and go in between. From everyday casual looks to special occasions, tees work great any day anytime! 

Boho-styled tees often have round or V-lined necks. The length of their sleeves varies mainly starting from the elbow (they can be full-sleeved too though). The dapper graphic tees come in all sorts of colors- red, white, mustard and the list goes on. They either have embroideries on them or have prints that make you go WOW! Let’s look at a few styling tips and tricks that will make you get jaw-dropping reactions from people who get to see you!

How to Style the Groovy Boho-Styled T-shirts?

The very first thing you should have in your mind is to always aim for a very classy look before you start styling a bohemian-styled piece as they are never ordinary! For Boho-styled graphic tees, you can pair the ones that fall in a darker color palette with black ripped jeans or dark-colored shorts. Grab your favorite pair of sneakers, if they have patterns on them they would look even better! Tie a knot at the end of your tee and Hoops are all you need, be it silver or in the color gold. Simple and chic! A pair of hourglass-shaped white jeans with a denim jacket paired up with a light-colored printed tee would make you look like a diva! It definitely cannot look better! For your hairdo go for beachy waves and half updo. You are ready to leave a sparkle everywhere you go!

The Chic Boho Sweaters:

Looking for a piece that keeps you comfy and warm whilst staying in your comfort zone? Or out for a party on Christmas? The first thing that comes to our minds is of course pulling up a sweater. But there is no doubt it is hard to style them plenty of times! Boho sweaters are the perfect choice for occasions taking place in winter. Their designs are a bit groovy but they make you look as beautiful as a vintage goddess! 

The very unique ways in which you can style bohemian sweaters will make people go speechless about your looks! And what could be better than that! You can do this while staying all warm and comfy, more like it, gives you a feeling of home. The fun fact about boho sweaters is that you can choose any groovy patterns and get styling! No doubt, styling in your own way makes you look attractive in the eyes of other people rather than following trends! Well, don’t worry, you can get a few staples from any nearby store. They often come in similar sizes (mostly oversized). Very often they are full-sleeved with high necks which keeps you warm. Let’s just not wait anymore to know about some styling tips, let’s dive right into them!

How to Style the Chic Bohemian Sweaters? 

For many of us, winters are all about comfort but no one wants to forget about styling the right way! Bohemian sweaters fall mainly in the darker color palette, so you can style looks that are full of sass! Red lipstick with winged eyeliner will make up the whole look. Don’t go for a lot of jewelry with this one as it isn’t necessary to add up accessories every time to look chic but if you’re a sucker for statement pieces go for minimal crystal studs. Grab that one black tights lying in your wardrobe and complete the look with a pair of classy black long boots. You can pull on a messy high bun to give major boss vibes!

The Evergreen Hobos:

Hobo clothing was referred to as slouchy clothing but that too was hundreds of years ago! What do you think of when Boho-styled hobos come into your mind? Everything is full of class! 

Want some flattering yet funky pieces of clothing to wear? The most amazing thing you’ll hear about them is that they can be styled both in summers and winters! All your 99 styling problems have 1 solution that is both easy to style and comfy - the answer to that is Hobos. You can style them while going to lunch, or a picnic, or a casual date! Yes, they really are the masterpieces of fashion ever since they were made! They fulfill all your requirements and needs related to fashion. You can feel free to wear these anywhere anytime because of their soft colors and comfy cloth, as they are made up of comfy fabrics e.g. cotton or linen. Are you ready to make fashion statements everywhere you go? Yes! Let’s look at some styling tips.

How to Style the Evergreen Hobos?

Hobos are well-known for their comfiness and can define one's personality. They are mostly loved by free-spirited and creative people. These pieces can often be styled with distressed denim shorts (that are in trend too!) and frayed skirts. Keep the look casual with these so it gives a softer vibe to your overall look. Your crystal pendant is dying to come out of your wardrobe with this one and you can also wear your favorite boho bracelets or sunglasses. Don’t forget that a tote bag is an option too! Way too many options for accessories your way. Leave your hair natural. You can either wear your flip-flops or even boots. Trust us, it’ll never be a bad choice with a boho-chic hobo! Keep it all innate and you’re now ready to receive a hundred compliments!

The Statement Boho Kimonos:

The statement Kimonos, you must’ve heard about them before as they have been around for hundreds of years. It is named after a Japanese word that means dress but the difference is that back then kimonos were a part of the daily routine but with time, they got out of fashion in Japan and became the top choice in the Boho world. 

A kimono is basically a gown (one-piece cloth) that is long and has loose printed sleeves. The fashion has now renewed and is still worn in Japan very often for good impressions. If you're bored of wearing the same old staples from your wardrobe with dull colors and prints and want to have a swift change that differs from your routine, a change that is attractive and distinctive? Then pulling on a Kimono is a big yes! Kimonos can be worn in winters as they are worn in layers and are long enough to cover the whole body from neck to toes. They usually have small floral patterns that look beautiful with the right accessories! So what are you waiting for? Ready for something that makes people cannot take eyes off you? Let’s get to styling them!

How to Style the Statement Boho Kimonos?

Everyone really acknowledges that kimonos are unique and one of the prettiest pieces of ancient Japanese clothing. For a Boho-chic kimono, a bright colored e.g. a red/maroon kimono would work well because of how eye-catching it’ll look. Apply your favorite blush and go for a cat-eye look which will give you an edgy and sharp look. Putting on dark-colored lipstick, mainly maroon, would add crisp to your dressing and you’ll be the lady of the evening, it’s a sure thingy! You will already become a source of attention with your hair tied back, creating a bun. It would just look amazing. To give a gesture of respect to Japanese culture, a bamboo umbrella is the right pick! 

The Elegant Boho Blouses:

Willing to dress up modish and more like a trendsetter? Or looking for some funky and cute dresses to wear? A boho blouse is one of the best possible options. Nothing wrong with giving it a try?  

The elegant Boho Blouse is a chic top that is wearable on any kinda occasion. Off to groceries, or lunch with family or even a day on your uncle's farm, the boho blouse is the missing piece to your wardrobe puzzle! Most women add spice to their looks by adding wooden jewelry, embracing earth tones, and wearing flared jeans with this one but there are various other ways you can style this one piece in!  Even if you are off on an adventure or an hour-long hike, every woman looks for breathable and boho blouses are an option as they are made up of the comfiest of all fabrics, cotton! Don’t hesitate to add a boho-chic blouse to your wardrobe! Let’s get to styling them.

How to Style the Elegant Boho Blouses?

A boho blouse is a worthy staple that can be made a part of your closet. You can pull on a V-neck boho-chic blouse and pair it up with solid a colored Capri. Putting on the cutest headband would go perfectly with the outfit! A pair of white or black sneakers are go-to’s, or even leather sandals. For accessories, putting on some statement pieces of crystal earrings and a crossbody bag, miss perfect vibes! Feel confident about yourself in this elegant blouse as it never fails to make you look attractive. 

The Lovable Tanks/ Camis:

Off to the beach or a day out with friends? What possibly can you find in your wardrobe that can help you beat the summer heat and make you look sassy at the same time? Yes, a Tank Top or cami that are both body-skimming and form-fitting! You can now wear boho-styled tank tops as a separate piece too, of course, layering isn't a must at all! Their spaghetti straps make you look just the right amount of sexy! They are named after tank suits, which are basically one-piece suits that came into being in the 1920s and were worn in the pool. The boho-chic tank tops come in funky prints like leopard print (the most loved print of the era) whereas can also be found in solid colors, both dark and light color palettes. The tank tops are usually just below your belt loop but the length sometimes differs too. You can style this piece in numerous ways.

The same goes for camis. They fall in the same category as the Boho tank tops, but let’s just say that these are slightly chicer. Covered in laces and floral patterns, the camis really will make you stand out from the rest! Let’s take a look at the styling tips now, to make you look hella gorgeous!

How to Style the Lovable Tanks/ Camis?

A tank top or a cami is one of the sexiest pieces you can have as a staple in your wardrobe. A maxi skirt or flared pants with a boho-chic tank top defines perfection! You can layer a tank top by wearing your favorite solid-colored button-down shirt above it. You can layer quite a few gold-colored chains or crystal chains with this look to make everyone's jaws drop! As bohemian clothing mostly consists of patterns and prints, you can follow the pattern on pattern trend with this one! Go for the sassiest heels in your closet and get ready for people turning heads to see you!


Cute and Chic is always the motto for the Bohemian Woman!

Flowing and Glowing is the only way to flow!

The destination is clear... *Always feeling good,  *looking good and smelling absolutely amazing!

These are some of the varieties of the trendy Boho Tops to help you get started with your Bohemian aesthetic. We hope you found this article helpful!

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