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Boho Jumpsuits, Onesies, Rompers - A Quick Wardrobe Fix

Are you one of those people who love to paint their thoughts in their wardrobe? Or one of those who strive to stand out with their personality? Or one of those busy bees who can’t find the time to craft a whole new outfit for every occasion? If so, then step right into the bohemian closet!

The Boho closet is for those who love to live in a very informal way and prefer to make choices as unconventional and distinct as their personalities. Inspiration is still taken from boho attire from all over the world because of how unique it is so undoubtedly, it has a special connection to fashion.

It is a carefree and cheerful style that displays originality and promotes fashion that is
very different and unique from ordinary styling. The combinations of colors, beautiful
embroidery, subtle floral prints, and jazzy patterns are the characteristics that undoubtedly promote this attire and are so well known to date even after around 200 years!

Well, today we live in the era where everyone wants to be the fashionista of their friends’ group, someone who leaves a spark wherever they go and get people inspired by their sense of style.

But apart from the magic and the sparkle, in today’s time, many empowered women, specifically businesswomen, and the busy bee mommies find themselves in a fashion dilemma. They too want to embrace the fashion world but simply cannot find the time.

So what to do when this fashion draught stikes? Easy! Put on a Onesie!
We all know what’s hot in trend today. Jumpsuits, onesies, and rompers! You all would’ve worn them at least once in your life! Comfy, aren’t they? But today let’s take a look at something different, something very unique, and let’s get to know about its styling and what makes these pieces so unique, “Bohemian styled jumpsuits, rompers, and onesies”.

Trust us, if they’re not a part of your wardrobe yet, they will soon be once you’re done reading this article!

Styling bohemian clothing can take a bit of your time and effort. The layering, the color mismatching, and the accessorizing all take plenty of time. But hey, they are fun! Sadly, not so fun for our queen bees. But worry not! The Boho jumpsuits, onesies, and rompers are a quick fix for your everyday wardrobe crisis. Trust us, it only takes a minute to style one!

So our boss ladies and wonderful mommies, it’s your time to shine!

In this article, you’re gonna read about what makes these boho onesies unique and how can you style them your own way, the way you love. We will share quite a few tricks that will help you style them in the right way in less than a minute and help you to choose items that are suitable for your kind of aesthetic. Let’s get shopping!

1. Chic Boho Onesies:

A Onesie is a loose-fitted style of casual jumpsuit. Bohemian style onesies are made up of the most comfortable material (as always) e.g. knit cotton and linen. Are you aware of the fact that the onesie is technically not a recent sensation? In fact, it is loved by adults and children for actually a couple of centuries now! The first onesie was made during the early 1800s.

This was also considered as the first type of ‘sleep wear’ too and hence became the must-have for sleepovers. Since it has been years now, and the world of fashion has evolved so much, these chic pieces of clothing have been well-known as stylish streetwear too. Isn’t it something way too exciting to hear? You can always wear them whether you’re off to a sleepover with friends, or to a trip with family, or to a daytime party!

Onesies are definitely the outfit to the rescue for all our busy ladies. You don’t have to re-think your outfit again and again and waste your precious seconds. In fact, all you have to do is to slip one off the hanger and onto your body. Onesies tend to be one-piece -the top and bottom both are attached. Well, they just don’t only give you the height of comfort but also make you look hella gorgeous! Wondering why are onesies still so popular after years? First off, they’re warm and make you feel cozy so the perfect pick for winters.

The plus point is that they’re also extremely comfy so don’t mind spending a day in a day in a onesie at home. Boho-chic onesies consist mainly of patterns that are subtle and small, usually floral. They have flowy and airy sleeves more like other bohemian pieces. However, they also come in printed full sleeves.

Well, let’s just move on to some styling tips and tricks to look like an absolutely beautiful vintage goddess, in these chic Boho onesies!

How to Style a Chic Boho Onesie?

Although the boho aesthetic is thought to be hard to style but worry not, we’ve got some ideas that will make you style in ways that’ll leave people speechless! You can always step out of the box and style a onesie for a party if you’re willing to leave your spark as this is something that ordinary people do not do.

Well if you have a sporty nature and are going for something exciting e.g. a long walk or for camping with friends, then pair one up with some sneakers. You will definitely look amazing! Out for groceries? Wear your favorite pair of classic slip-on.

You know they never go wrong. For accessories go for something chic but choose minimal pieces with this one. After all, style demands accessories but choose the ones that you think are right for your aesthetic. Go for a high ponytail and Tie a bandana that consists of patterns around the pony.

If you’re not willing to wear one just choose a solid colored tote bag and let your hair flow naturally. Put on a pink lip and cheek tint for a complete look and you’re ready to go girl!

2. Boho Style Rompers:

A romper is a one-piece garment that consists of a shirt and short, 90% of the time bloomer-like pants that are usually above the knees. Rompers first were worn in the year 1950 whereas they became popular in the 1970s among women. Many trends become a fashion statement and many staples become popular but there is one piece that never went out of fashion for more than 40 years now, that’s right, it’s a ‘Romper’!

It always looks very chic, no matter what the event is. Boho-style rompers are baggy and are always made up of natural fabric for your comfort. They come in a plethora of colors and funky and floral patterns as well as solid colors. To make the solid-colored rompers unique, they are often adorned with embellishments (lucky charms and feathers) and embroidery.

The boho style romper often has balloon sleeves as boho clothing is known for its flowy nature. These rompers are a must-have if you’re a sucker for a breezy summer wardrobe! They are also the save day outfit if you need a quick fix in just under a minute. Whether it’s a picnic, a hangout with your best friends, or even a birthday party, trust us, pulling on a chic romper is befitting for every occasion.

They come in a wide range of alluring patterns, colors, and styles so getting at least one of them of course is not a thing to think about now! Now, let’s take a look at a few styling tips to style a romper and look like a queen!

How to Style a Bohemian Romper?

When the hint of summer arrives and when you start feeling the summer breeze on your face, it’s time to let the bright and cool colors shine. As styling boho clothing is all about layering, so you can always pair up a solid-colored romper with a kimono with floral patterns. To layer a printed romper, what do you think about a denim jacket with it? Hell, yeah! It’ll look ah-mazing.

Coming towards the perfect footwear, classic black boots are a go-to if you’re off to a party or hang out at night. Although wedges don’t look good with everything but this time they’ll never go wrong!

As wearing a romper gives a very cute impression to others, so get yourself a cute, floral printed headband to make people fall in love with you. A bandana, chic sunglasses, and a bunch of bracelets are all you need for styling the boho romper. Go for loose curls this time and you’re ready to slay the Oscars!

3. The Boho Jumpsuits:

A jumpsuit is one of the most worn pieces of clothing today, in the 21 st century. The jumpsuits became popular in the mid-1970s and are still loved by women all around the world. It is loved for its uniqueness and for giving the perfectly imperfect sense. The interesting fact is that no matter what your body shape is, a jumpsuit is what you’ve been looking for as it is believed that jumpsuits go well with every type!

Jumpsuits can really be one of the most flattering pieces in your wardrobe and the best choice for any occasion- a picnic, a day at your uncles’ farm, or even when you’re off on a shopping spree! Jumpsuits, specifically silk jumpsuits, can elevate your whole look in a mere 10 seconds.

The transformation from a stay-at-home mom to a sexy
boss diva will even leave you stunned! Bohemian styles jumpsuits are usually sleeveless and also have a lot of frills on them. This piece would surely match to anyone’s comfort level! Boho-chic jumpsuits also usually have a deep V-lined neck. As boho clothing is the perfect example of going bold with prints, so a boho-style jumpsuit is a summertime essential. Let’s move on to the styling tips that’ll make you look like a vintage goddess!

How to Style the Boho Jumpsuits:

Aim for a very classy look before you start styling a bohemian jumpsuit. It can be
effortlessly styled with the right picks! For shoes, go for some lace-ups this time or leather boots (in the color dark or light brown) with a block heel. Classy, no?

To get a slim and chic look, go for a classy belt. Beachy waves or a one-sided braid will make up the look! Coming towards the accessories, layer silver or gold crystal chains for a very cool look but wearing pearl studs is also a good option! You’ll look like a Boho queen on wheels!

Why are Jumpsuits, Onesies, and Rompers a Necessity:

By now you must have already mentally prepared yourself for a massive jumpsuit, onesie, and romper shopping spree, but if you’re still skeptical, then you should definitely read this section.

Jumpsuits, Onesies, and rompers are not only the perfect wardrobe choices for every occasion, but also promise to grant you comfort as you slay through the day. Often our busy bees complain that they want to respond to their inner boho calling but they simply don’t know how to get it together. Well, jumpsuits are definitely a starting point! They are the perfectly imperfect fit for mommies, boss ladies, girlfriends, and our boho queens. And the best part, it literally takes a minute to style them. Just hop into one and give yourself a quick messy hair updo.

Sneakers for our mommies and sandals for our boss ladies. Grab your files, or your baby, and walk like the world is your runway!

Trust us when we say that these fashion staples, are surely going to let you embrace
the sexiness that you didn’t have the time for!

These are some of the different tips and tricks for styling boho-chic jumpsuits, rompers, and onesies to help you get started with your Bohemian aesthetic to always slay like a goddess. We hope you found this article helpful!

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