Bohemian Dresses

The Variety of the Bohemian Dress✨ 

& How to Wear Them🍃🌸🍃

Do you have an artistic aesthetic side that screams freedom?
Are you passionate about expressing your mind and soul?
Are you a sucker for nature and a breezy wardrobe?

If you answered ‘yes, then let us define your style. It is ‘Crystal’ clear (see what we did there!) that Boho fashion is your go-to style! ♐

Nothing liberates the heart and soul more than Boho fashion. Appealing to the eyes, easy on the body, and definitely the queen of chic. The long breezy skirts, baggy cardigans, floral prints, and those beachy waves radiate the ultimate free spirit energy.

The vibes of Boho fashion are immaculate, or as we like to call it, ‘perfectly imperfect!’. 

Although Boho fashion seems pretty simple and easy, it’s tricky to pull it off. The aim is to look like the goddess of nature, not a hobo. But worry not! This is exactly why we’re here.

In this article, we will be walking you through the variety of Boho dresses and how to wear them. We will be sharing some styling tips with you and some tricks that will help you choose the dress suitable for your aesthetic. Let’s get shopping! 

1.  The Western Boho Dress:

What’s the one thing that Western-style and Boho queens have in common? They both are chic and stylish! The Western/Country Boho dress is a flawless combination of sophistication and carefreeness. Western Boho dresses are full of floral prints, lace, a bit of shabbiness, and of course, elegance. These dresses are both knee-length and ankle-length so you can wear them to both a farm and a wedding on the same day! The key to a classic country western boho dress is that it should be extremely flowy.

Country Western Bohemian dresses

In fact, the greater the flow, the more Boho. The patterns on the country Boho dress are subtle and small, usually floral. These dresses have very puffy and loose sleeves and can be sleeveless as well, whichever makes you feel comfortable because Bohemian fashion is all about YOUR comfort. Usually, the country Boho dress has a sweet V neckline lined with loads of colorful tussles and ribbons. The color palette for the country Boho dress ranges from shades of mustard, blue, red, white, and sage. Whether it’s a picnic, a shopping spree, a hangout with your girlfriends, or even your aunt’s birthday party, you will always find the country Boho dress befitting for every occasion.

A dress that impresses, expresses, and mesmerizes! 
Boho Country dress

How to Style the Country Boho Dress?

The country Boho dress itself is very unique and classy so styling it can be a little tricky. But that’s why we’re here! Since the country, Boho dress radiates farm queen vibes, and every queen needs her crown, so it’s always best to pair one up with a chic hat such as a fedora. Felt hats lined with ribbons and feathers can be a cherry on top! Another unusual Boho hat idea is to decorate a cowboy hat with tussles and beads. 

Another styling tip that can level up your Boho game is always pairing up the country Boho dress with some boots. You can take out the pair of cowboy boots from the rodeo and strap them on with your country Boho dress. Ankle-length and knee-length both are excellent choices for footwear. Get a little crafty and superglue some feather and studs on your boots for a more Bohemian look. Boots in colors of baby blue, grey, and white can rock with any country Boho dress! 

2. The Praire Girl Boho Dress:

You must have heard about the Little House on the Praire. Although it’s a really ancient TV series, the fashion that it has inspired is timeless. The Bohemian fashion closet surely pays tribute to it through the prairie girl Boho dress. The prairie girl dress is a long, flowy maxi, that has a ring of red carpet elegance to it. This dress combines the sophistication of the 1950’s era and the modern 21st century. If you want to feel like a Greek goddess on a hot summer eve, then the prairie girl dress is definitely your go-to! Not only this dress gives you vintage vibes but it also perfectly channels your free spirit and feistiness. The prairie girl Boho dress usually has cut shoulder sleeves which can both be puffy and sleek. Since the prairie girl dress embraces your vintage aesthetic, classic prints like small floral or embroidery or even laces can elevate your Boho dressing. You can wear a prairie girl dress to any casual summer party or hangout and all eyes will definitely be on you! If you are a bit skeptical about the color palette for this dress, then here’s a tip; always have a white prairie girl dress in your wardrobe and pair it up with some pop of colors. You will surely look like someone from a crossover of the Little House on Prairie with the Runway!

How to Style the Praire Girl Dress?

Styling is the most crucial part that can make or break your aesthetic. We advise you to wear the prairie girl dress with some leather sandals. This will give you an unbothered queen outlook and will allow you to slay the aesthetic with comfy feet! If you want to style the prairie girl dress for a formal event like a wedding or an office party, then just strap up some high heels and you’re good to go. This look can be great for a date night as well. 

For a day out in the sun, just wear a felt hat in contrast with your prairie girl dress. Pair it up with a long hippie bag for a chic look. Crystals are a significant part of Bohemian fashion. Whichever dress you wear, specifically for a prairie girl dress, make sure to style it with a pendant with crystals embossed on it. Trust us, your friends will be begging you to style them with your aesthetic! 

3. The Romantic Boho Dress:

Thinking of slaying Valentine’s Day with your Boho look? Think no more because we have the answer! The romantic Boho dress is perfect for such occasions. Whether be it weddings, date nights, or red carpet events, the romantic Boho dress is bound to make you the center of attention! This dress is long, sleek, and a little fitted to enhance your body shape. Usually, the romantic Boho dress has a slit knee to give you a sensational look. The sweetheart neckline on this dress makes you look sassy, classy, with the right amount of sexy! The romantic Boho dress is made up of chiffon or silk to give a more formal look. It’s the ultimate rich wife dress! You can variate the color palette for this dress with shades such as blood red, satin green, or sapphire blue. If you are planning to wear this dress to prom, don’t think twice! We can state with certainty that this dress is bound to get you the title of the prom queen.

How to Style the Romantic Boho Dress? 

The first thing first is a hairdo. To pull off the romantic Boho dress, you need to have a sleek hairdo. You can either go for beachy waves or a loose ponytail to go with this dress. For formal occasions such as weddings, a classic loose updo is the best option. 

Coming towards jewelry, go for something that highlights your Bohemian spirit. Wear some heavy crystal studs to channel the freedom of your heart and soul. You can also wear a gold necklace for a more chic elegant look. 

When it comes to the romantic Boho dress, and we cannot emphasize this enough, always style it with a pair of lace-up high heels. This will portray your Bohemian passion with a sophisticated edge. Believe us when we say that no look is more stunning than styling the romantic Boho dress!

4. The City Girl Boho Dress:

The Bohemian aesthetic requires dedication. And this dedication demands to showcase your Bohemian passion even while doing the daily chores. Don’t get your stomach tied up. We are not saying you need to wear the romantic Boho dress to run your grocery errands to portray your love for the Bohemian aesthetic. In fact, Boho fashion is taking over the world there’s a Boho fashion solution for every occasion. The city girl Boho dress is what you need. This dress is a mini frock that goes up to your knees. It’s extremely air-lined and flowy, giving you the freedom of movement.  As the name suggests, the city girl Boho dress was designed for the city girls. You can throw this dress on you and roam around the city running your errands freely and easily! The city girl Boho dress has elbow-length breezy sleeves that allow you to stick to your chores without getting distracted by the worry of your outfit. This dress has a V neckline that aims to make you feel comfortable and at ease. If you’re planning to have a long busy busy day checking out the items on your to-do list, then instantly hop into a city girl Boho dress. This dress will not only make you feel comfortable and easy but will also make you look chic. Major boss energy vibes! 

How to Style the City Girl Boho Dress?

The aim of styling the city girl boho dress is that it should be effortlessly gorgeous. A messy bun is a perfect hairdo option to go with the city girl Boho dress. You can also go for a loose ponytail. Style this dress up with a pair of comfortable leather sandals. You will be running around the city all day so high heels are not an option. Aim for comfort. To further channel your Bohemian spirit, wear some crystal studs and pendants for an elegant look. 

Since you’re out to run errands, so make sure to carry out a long sleek hippie bag for your belongings. You look like a Boho queen on wheels! 

5. The Festival Boho Dress:

Planning to go to Coachella with your friends? If so, instantly jump into your festival Boho dress! The festival Boho dress is a maxi style dress with long loose cuts to give it a more breezy look. This dress usually has extremely loose and long flowy sleeves. To best describe this elegant dress, let’s say that it’s more like a crossover between the romantic Boho dress and the classic Boho cardigan. The material of this dress is usually chiffon, the comfiest of them all. You can wear this dress to festivals, picnics, or long road trips. This dress has the classic sweet V neckline to show off your crystal pendants and studs. In fact, the Boho festival dress has become so popular in festivals that some fashionistas even call it the ‘Coachella Dress’. Trust us when we say that the festival Boho dress is a must-have in your closet!

How to Style the Festival Boho Dress?

For styling the festival Boho dress, aim for simplicity and comfort. After all, you will be spending the entire day in the sun with your friends, so best to go in something comfortable. That being said, throw on a pair of those long cowboy shoes to give your outlook a vintage touch. It’s always chic to buckle up your dress in a leather belt for a rough yet vibrant look. Get your crystal pendants out and frankly speaking, wear them all! For your hairdo, go for some loose beachy waves to channel your free spirit. You will be the epitome of perfectly imperfect! 

These are some of the varieties of the various Boho dresses to help you get started with your Bohemian aesthetic. We hope you found this article helpful! 

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