Boho Pants

The Trendsetting Boho Pants & How to Style Them

If you’re passionate about Bohemian fashion then the most vital thing after your free-spirited nature is your style.

However, wouldn’t your wardrobe be incomplete without some unique pants that you can pull on perfectly anywhere anytime, and that too in innumerable ways?

If you want to continue living organically, uniquely in the bohemian culture, you may have noticed you are missing an element in your wardrobe... bottoms! Of course, everyone’s aim in the 21 st century is to look mesmerizing while staying in their comfort zone.

How can you achieve this classy yet comfy look? Simple, go put on some Bohemian pants!

Whether be it culottes or harem pants, Boho pants fit right into the style of free-spirited artistic people. Bohemian fashion happens to play an integral role in our mainstream culture, but the golden truth our Boho queens are unaware of is that these trends can be traced back to the 19th century!

If you’re on the lookout to add some more comfort to your style, then we are on the same page. Who doesn’t want to feel comfy and slay at the same time?

The best thing about Bohemian fashion is there are no defined rules between minimalists and modern, it’s all about being natural and just living in the moment.

So, if you are thinking of buying a pair of those distinctive and groovy Bohemian harem pants, the all-time loved hippie skirts, and the comfiest Boho shorts, our advice, go for it with confidence! We approve!

An interesting fact about Bohemian fashion is almost every piece of clothing can go absolutely well with anything!

In this article, we will be sharing some styling tips with all the beautiful bohemian ladies out here, our goal is to guide you into your natural Greek goddess-like selves. Dressed to impress or casual down, the choice is yours as the variety is here in chic Bohemian bottoms. So let’s get styling!

Harem pants:

The harem pants are exactly what Boho queens dream of.

They can make you look stylish and give you the height of comfort at the same time.

The harem pants are quite famous for their funky patterns, the mix of eye-catching colors, and their soft texture. They were introduced to Western fashion by famous designers in 1910, although it is said they themselves were inspired by Middle East styles, especially by Turkish trousers.

Moreover, we have also seen quite a few famous personalities who styled these casual yet unique pairs of pants perfectly and slayed the red carpet! Initially, Harem pants were also known as a sign of modestly being baggy, loose, and long (exactly what the bohemian attire is known for), but now they have become the ultimate symbol of chic and elegance. They do not lie in any specific color palette as they’re famous for their jazzy and colorful patterns and also because of how ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ they are! A pair of Harem pants can never go wrong, whether you’re heading out for lunch with your family, planning to have a sleepover with your best friend, heading out to the beach, or even while traveling countries whilst staying in your comfort zone!

1. Wide Style Harem Pants:

It is one of the most loved and comfortable styles of Harem pants as it has a flowy nature and it
looks more like a skirt than pants. They also are known as baggy pants. You can get a
completely chic look by tucking in your favorite tee from the many staples in your wardrobe and
wearing a pair of ballerina shoes. We suggest you definitely try this look!

2. Buckled-Hem Harem Pants: 

One of the Informal styles of these most-loved pants, Harem Pants is this one. It comes with
buckles and pockets thus, gives vintage vibes. These dark-colored pants look the best with
white crop tops and tank tops. Adding necklaces and a cowboy hat to the look would make it
look more cowboyish and would definitely look breathtakingly amazing.

3. Pleated Harem pants:

These pants have elastic at the waist and ankles and come with a lot of pleats on them. These
pants themselves are found in many types that is why they can be styled in innumerable ways!
Pair these pants with a floral off-shoulder or boat neck top and cute accessories to your look and you are ready to slay the day!

How to Style Harem Pants?

Harem pants can never go wrong with a solid-colored plain t-shirt as the pants already consist of amazing patterns all over. In winters a mono-colored shrug on a crop top would look breathtakingly good! If you’re planning to head out somewhere, a bunch of bracelets and small crystal studs are always a good option. A cute printed headband would complete your look or you can give your hair beachy waves and a half updo to look more voguish. Also, If skinny jeans are not for you, then you can pair your leather jacket with black (or any other solid-colored) harem pants and finish the look with a bunch of bracelets and ankle boots, but of course, for a more chic look, you can accessorize your look with your favorite chunky necklace and boots as well. You can always style dark-colored (olive green, maroon, and black) pants with light solid colored tees. If you love the pattern on patterns, you can always do that with the right prints. If the problem is where to wear harem pants then worry not because the options are countless. All you have to do is style your harem pants according to the occasion and you’re good to go! This might seem difficult but you can easily get a colorful Boho look that is funky and groovy at the same time. It can be done by layering a kimono on top of the tee of your choice, a statement necklace, and a nice cool pair of earrings that can always work! This too is a really popular street style that has the perfect blend of boho and comfort elements. Breathtakingly amazing, Hell Yeah!

2. Flare Pants:

This is a fun one! Flare pants, known as bell-bottom pants, originated back then in the 19th century. As these pants are mostly high-waisted and wide-legged pants, they can give you the look of a perfect summer body; thinner, taller, and leaner! If we look back in time, the Flare pants came into vogue by 1999 and the trend lasted for more than 10 years. In the 1960s, they were usually worn with heeled shoes or whereas in the 1970s, Sonny Bono and Cher made flares famous by wearing them on their television show. Flares made their comeback in the second half of the 1990s with the name ‘boot-cut jeans’ and were seen on fashion runways of well-known fashion designers. Well, for the present day, the good thing is that the Flare pants are officially back in fashion. Couldn’t be more exciting, right?

Currently, all the top designers, fashion bloggers, stylists, and celebrities have come up with fashionable ways of wearing Boho Flare pants in 2021 and ultimately turned them into closet must-haves. So why someone wouldn’t be interested in having them in their wardrobe? The Flare pants can elevate your look completely because of their prepossessing patterns and a groovy color palette like maroon, mustard, and blue. The good fact is that these pants can look chic just by pairing the staples you already have in your closet! You can always pull on Flare pants on any hangout and definitely look like a queen, even if you’re off to a business meeting and it is an ideal outfit for a night out! So why is there a need to think when flare pants are in trend already! Moving on, mentioned below are the two most loved and worn types of flared pants:

1. Hourglass Shaped Flare Pants:

The hourglass flared pants undoubtedly fulfill the most common wish among every woman- a perfect body shape! These pants fit women with a narrow waist and the ones who are tall, but they can look equally stunning on a more curvy body shape. They can be paired up with a denim jacket (as denim on denim is a trend for quite a few years now) and a pair of round spectacles with loafers to make a perfect sassy look.

2. Petite Frame Flare pants:

Petite frame pants among people are thought to be hard to style on short women but trust us, these pairs of jeans can look better than any other if you chose the one with the right length and fit. You can slay this piece of clothing by adding a multi-patterned turtleneck or round neck tee into your denim ensemble. You can wear heels only but make sure they get covered up by your jeans to get a taller look.

Now, let's move on to some tips and tricks to look like an absolutely beautiful vintage goddess, in Boho flare pants.

How to Style Flare Pants?

Let’s just bring back the 1990s in the house and slay! In the 21st century, all of us die for skinny bottoms, but we forget about the uniqueness of these Bohemian-style flared pants. Fashion divas have already taken over by styling these pairs of pants with blazers, bodysuits, and attractive accessories. If you’re heading out for a business meeting but can’t find anything to give you the boss energy vibe, don’t worry a pair of Boho flared pants are just what you need! Pair these classy pants with a button-down shirt and a blazer on top with your favorite boots. Honestly, the look cannot be more professional yet impressive! In today’s modern fashion world, you can make up perfect style combinations by wearing flared bottoms even if you’re off to your dads’ farm or out for a brunch with your girlies. Flares to daytime parties will always have their own vibe. On a brunch or a meetup with your friends, you can pair these pants up with a solid-colored t-shirt tucked in and some cool sunglasses. It definitely will always work! Coming over towards pairing up with chic footwear for a complete look; you can wear heels, leather boots, mules, or even sneakers if you’re a tomboy. It’s always a good thing to experiment with your looks to get some best outfit ideas which you can wear anytime and also the style that inspires others. The in-fashion neck scarfs and a Pandora hat can also be an add-on to the look with flared pants to look more flattering. Everyone is surely gonna fall for your style!

3. Gypsy Pants:

We saved our most favorite one for the last! The Gypsy pants, or as we like to call them, the Genie Pants. These pants are extremely flowy and loose and came into fashion in the early 1900s. They were originally a fashion symbol for Hippies, but in the world of today, they have become an icon on the runaways. These pants have an elastic waist and then flow begins from there. The loose and airy look of the pants extends down to the feet where the airline flow is crunched into an elastic. These pants are full of colorful and vibrant patterns which make them stand out in the crowd! Block printing is the prime feature of these pants. The color palette of these pants is quite vast and contains both subtle colors like grey, skin, and peach, to bright colors like shocking pink and magenta.

How to Style Gypsy Pants?

Styling Gypsy pants are definitely the most fun part. These pants can be styled with crop tops or knotted tees. The key to pulling off these pants is to always style them with low length shirt to allow these pants to flow. You don’t have to layer too much while styling these, just a small cowboy jacket would do the trick. Don’t hold yourself back from choosing the accessories, go wild with those crystals! As for the footwear, you can style these pants with lace-ups and leather sandals for an elegant look. A messy bun or beachy waves will serve as the cherry on top!


These were the various types of Bohemian pants and quite a few styling tips to slay the Boho queen look with ease. We hope this article proved to be helpful!

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