Boho Kimono

Boho Kimono - The Boho Holy Grail 

Newbie to the Boho world? Or want to fit right in that Bohemian-themed party? Well, no need to work your brains over the shopping budget, because you are only going to be needing ONE thing. That’s right folks, there is only one secret ingredient in the recipe to become the absolute Boho queen. A Kimono! 

Kimonos are the essence of the Bohemian culture. They are the ultimate picture of the Bohemian style. Being a Boho is all about being laid back and relaxed at all times, really cherishing the inner free spirit, and the best way to start at that is by simply remodeling your closet! A Kimono is your ticket to enter the Boho world. It is the fashion statement that highlights elegance with a touch of glamour. A Kimono literally screams ‘Hey I’m up for a fun night but I also have work tomorrow!’ It’s the clothing piece that portrays the perfect image of a gal who loves to go wild but also knows her priorities. 

Kimonos definitely have all the hype these days. The pandemic has not only given a 180 shift to the literal world, but also to the fashion world. We girls just want to relax! And under these stressful times, maintaining our sassy personalities can be quite a challenge. This is why all the fashionistas these days eat, sleep, and breathe Boho. A simple yet classy lifestyle! And to embrace this lifestyle, you need a Kimono!

In this article, we will be taking a deep dive into the world of Kimonos, analyzing them from the K to the O! We’ll take a look at what a Kimono is, its origin, where to wear one, and the tips to style a Kimono to slay through the day. So buckle up Boho queens, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

What is a Kimono?

Let’s start with an interesting fact - Kimonos are actually the national dress of Japan! Shocked, right? How did the national dress of Japan become a symbol of the Boho culture? Stick with us, we’re gonna figure it out!

Kimonos are long T-shaped dresses that are now considered to be outerwear. They vary in length from the knees till all the way down to the feet. Frankly speaking, the length of the Kimono depends on your style, for example, if you prefer something edgy yet classy, a Kimono extending till the thigh is a perfect choice. But if you prefer something a little more sophisticated, then you can increase its length down just below the knees. Another fun fact - the original Kimonos were all really really REALLY long! 

Focusing more on the shape of a Kimono, it has loose flowy sleeves and has an airline border. Usually Kimonos these days come with a belt that can be tied up front to give them a more chic look. They have a vast color palette, but autumn and pastel colors are always worshipped in the Bohemian culture. They also come in a variety of patterns and designs. Some of them have large floral patterns on them while others have embroidered borders. The posh ones even have tassels and laces! The fabric of the Kimono varies according to the style of the Kimono. Generally, Kimonos come in chiffon or cotton, since these materials are the comfiest. For a more formal outlook, satin and silk Kimonos always save the day by giving you a Regina George sexy vibe! 

Kimonos are more than just a piece of cloth. They are a symbol of not only the Boho aesthetic but also of the Japanese culture, but we’ll talk about Japan in a little while. Kimonos are the definition of relaxation, elegance, decency, sophistication, and the right amount of sensation. A Kimono is the beacon of light during a thunderstorm, a comfort zone in a day of chaos!

The Origin of The Kimono:

Time to have that talk about Japan which we promised above. Kimonos, now a sizzling sensation in the Boho world, are the national dress of Japan. Going all the way back to the Tang Dynasty, Kimonos became a symbol of the Japanese culture, something that the women wore every day. In fact, the word Kimono itself means ‘something to wear’ -ki‘wear’ andmono ‘thing’. 

The traditional Kimono is extremely long, goes a little way down the feet, and has humongous sleeves. The traditional Japenese Kimono also contains a big belt which ties the Kimono on the front. Another distinguishing feature of the traditional Kimono is the pleated collar-like neckline. The Kimono used to be the daily and the only, outfit for Japanese women. Whether be it a formal court session, or a tea party of the 19th century, or even an old-fashioned visit to the farmer’s market, a Kimono was always the go-to dress. But with time, the popularity of the Kimono within Japan began to fade as the concept of fashion evolved in Japan. Now the Kimono is considered as an article of sacred formal clothing which the Japanese women wear occasionally at tea parties or formal gatherings. 

The freedom of expression and the thought of comfort reflected by the Kimono soon caught the attention of the world and it instantly became the must-have item on every woman’s list. Today, the Kimono has attained such a status that its a staple at runways, the highlight of fashion shows, and the heart of the Bohos. 

The early founders of the Boho culture instantly got seduced by the Kimono because of its uniqueness and freedom of expression. Over the years, the Kimono got redefined and had several touch-ups to reach its current form in the Bohemian culture. Nevertheless, apart from the funny animes and extremely high-tech phones, the Kimono might be the best gift that Japan has given us! 

Why do Bohos Love the Kimono?

Kimonos have gone through quite a ride from being the national dress of Japan to being the most worn statement Boho piece. Boho queens are always on the lookout to find stuff that makes them truly express themselves. Something that is unique, quirky, and definitely chic! And a Kimono checks all that!

Kimonos have everything that any Boho queen desires. Their airline and flowy nature symbolize the free spirit and freedom of thought of Boho queens. The floral cute patterns on them represent the earthy loveliness of a Boho. Their loose and voluminous sleeves reflect the open heart and mind of a Boho queen. And lastly, the embroidered embellishments on them represent the unique nature of a Boho gal. Since the Kimono contains all the qualities of the Bohemian culture in a single piece, it is widely loved and adored by Bohemians all over the world. In fact, we can guarantee that you would find at least 2-3 Kimonos in every Boho’s closet! We have 5! 

Kimonos are the quickest way to get all dolled up in the chicest way possible. Just slip on a Kimono and you’re good to go! Whether you are heading out for a day in the sun or a shopping spree with your girlfriends or even a romantic movie night with your soulmate, a Kimono will complete your look! The love story between Bohos and Kimonos is destined for a happily ever after!

How to Style a Kimono:

Now let’s get to the fun part. Styling! Styling a Kimono is easy peasy and super fun. After all, a Kimono is outerwear and a cover-up, so you can slip one on any outfit that you are wearing. Styling a Kimono all depends on your aesthetic and on the occasion, so let’s take a quick peek at how to style a Kimono for every occasion.

Firstly, let’s cover the basics. Always pair up a Kimono with a crystal pendant and some crystal studs. Bohemian culture worships crystals and crystals define the true essence of the Boho vibe as well. So make sure you go wild in becoming a crystal fairy while wearing a Kimono. Next up, hairdo. The best thing about Kimonos is that they will compliment every hairdo. Whether it’s a messy bun or some sleek beachy waves, a Kimono blends perfectly with each and every one of them! And lastly, footwear. You can variate the footwear from flip flops to leather sandals or even wedges depending on the occasion. This is another fun fact about Kimonos that they can absolutely rock any footwear! 

Frankly speaking, styling a Kimono all depends on the occasion. If you’re heading out for a cute romantic picnic or a date night, slip on a Kimono with a cute and sexy dress underneath. Pick a Kimono with a short length for this occasion. Again, go heavy on showering with crystals, the more the merrier! For hairdo, we recommend a messy bun. It will be perfect to top off your sexy and sassy look. Go for lace-up sandals or high heels this time, you wanna be a show stopper!

Let’s suppose you are chilling in your home and your girlfriends decide to drag you on a shopping spree. What to do? Certainly not possible to plan a whole outfit in a matter of few minutes! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Simply grab your favorite Kimono, a long one would be ideal this time, and hop right into it. Go for a cute necklace and some crystal studs. Tie your Kimono on the front for a more chic look. For hair this time, go for a nice braid or a high ponytail. You don’t want your hair to get in the way of shopping, trust us, it’s annoying. Wear something comfy on your feet, its gonna be a long long day so go take out your leather sandals. All your friends would be dying over your look! 

For us Boho gals, styling is not always a priority. We have chores and errands too. So we always aim for a nice comfy look that helps us to go through the day with style. So for your trip to the grocery store or the farmers market, or the bank to pay bills, hop into your shorts and tee and wear your lovely Kimono on top. It will tie up your whole look and will scream ‘Boss Lady!’ Go for sneakers this time, you will have a lot of running to do! Go for braids this time or a loose hair tie, and there you have it! Style on the go!

Bohos tend to shine in the sunlight. So don’t be shy and grab your beach mat. It’s time to flaunt that summer body! A Kimono serves as the perfect bikini or a swimsuit cover-up. It’s decent, it’s chic, and it’s stylish as hell. So for your day out at the beach, match up your Kimono with your bikini and hop into a pair of flip flops. No need to pile yourself up in crystals, you are probably gonna lose your diamond earring in the ocean like Kim K. Just go for some pearl earrings, and for the hairdo, let those babies loose! 

Want to take your Boho obsession with you to the wedding? Slip on a nice sleek silk Kimono on your dress. We guarantee you, it will tie up the whole look! Go for some crystal studs and some crystal rings. For the hairdo, go for a sleek wedding hairstyle or simply a messy low bun. Top of your look with some high heels and some popping gloss! 

Traditionally, The kimono きもの/着物 is a traditional Japanese garment and the national dress of Japan.  However, in 2020 here in America, the Bohemian has taken over this once very traditional way of dress and has set it into the norm of Bohemian dress. The Kimono can be worked on almost all occasions.  From pool parties and beaches to fall layers for regular everyday moving and shaking. Also a staple in every boho chic's work-from-home dressing!

That’s all that we have got about Kimonos. Hoping you found this article helpful. Now go and get some Kimonos!

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