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The Boho Holy Grail - Matching Sets

Bohemian style looks are currently more than just any other ordinary fashion trend. It is a whole culture that promotes the personalities of free-spirited, fun-loving people.

A person that comes with a very unique way of thinking and is always on to experimenting with their looks to make fashion statements wherever they go.

Are you one of them too? If so, keep reading, it’s gonna be worth it! 

Boho fashion was previously believed to be very closely associated with the fashion style of hippies but fashionistas nowadays always have their own way of slaying and making people go speechless, right? The ultimate tip to look hella gorgeous and slay new looks often is to follow your own significant sense of styling so you can never fail to inspire people around you! 

In this article, we will tell you all about matching separates and a few tips and tricks to look like a boho queen, always ready to slay!

Well, talking about bohemian fashion, its staples never fail to win the hearts of people. Boho fashion actually is a 19th-century trend that first was worn by hippies but now your goal is not to look like a hippie but a whole diva. As a wide variety of chic boho clothing and unique accessories have been introduced in different fashion stores as well, you can now style yourself phenomenally and make fashion statements! 

If you too are a girl who’s always willing to create exemplary looks effortlessly whilst staying in your own comfort zone, you’re definitely on the right page! Bohemian style clothing is mostly loose-fitted, made up of comfy fabric and consists of beautiful embellishments on them that never fail to express and impress both at the same time. 

The artist inside you is dying to experiment with your style! And trust us, experimenting with your style is the most efficient and easy way to get to know what you exactly like. Today we are gonna learn all about Matching separates that too in boho-chic style. Let’s just wait no more and move on to all the major and minor details and tips of styling these extraordinary pieces of clothing. Let’s get styling!

This summer, wherever we go we always are able to see a number of people wearing matching separates be it as a tracksuit, sweaters, etc.

It feels like everywhere we turn there’s a two-piece set tempting us with its trendiness. A classic wardrobe isn’t just about hundreds of different pieces in your wardrobe, it’s about having a few staples but the right ones! In addition to this, matching separates be it solid colored or with funky patterns all over are fun to style, in-trend, and totally adored by women all over the world. Whether you’re off to a daytime picnic, hang-out with friends, going abroad for vacations, or even out for groceries…Matching separates are a go-to staple! You don't even have to think once before choosing a matching separately! 

Are you too tired of regular styling or have always wondered what else you could get except for the regular tees and pants? Bohemian style Matching separates are the answer! Your wardrobe is lacking way too much if you don’t have a pair of these distinctive clothes.

When did this staple come into fashion? Before styling something it’s good to know its history first. Let’s take a trip down the memory lane of matching sets. Matching separates first took over the world and became a trend in the early ‘70s. As we flip through the fashion book since then, although continuous trends were coming and going regularly they were forgotten and the trends changed during the '80s and '90s (Flare pants and crop tops came into fashion) and so did the love for matching sets among people. Flash-forward to the early 2000s is when they came back in trend and have been winning hearts since then.

Oh, and yes, they’re still a big trend for girls! Yes, you’re reading this right! You can definitely go to any of your nearby favorite fashion stores and get a few pairs of these matching separates and the good thing is they come at very affordable prices. We also saw a couple of designers introducing separate collections for these 2-piece clothing and have seen models on runways that dress to kill!

Wondering about what makes the boho-chic clothing so special and distinctive? Boho-style clothes are very airy and loose-fitted in nature which makes them a perfect choice for all kinds of gathering be it formal or informal. How you style boho-chic staples make or break the whole look. This is also one reason why they’re considered very comfy! Other than this they have alluring floral patterns that are subtle and small or very often they also have jazzy prints which can help one live life to the fullest in summers without feeling the heat. Well, prints too represent boho culture as mentioned already! Another good thing about bohemian attire is that all of its clothes are made up of comfy fabric e.g. calico, cotton, silk. They often have pretty embellishments like lucky charms and tassels which play a major role in enhancing the look and making you look beautiful in boho-chic outfits! So, Aren’t a few boho staples necessary for your closet?

Even though boho style staples started becoming a trend more than 200 years ago (yes, it’s been that long) however, famous and loved personalities to date continue to inspire people by how they continue to style these chic clothing and how with each day this style keeps getting even better! Especially, when talking about these very unique boho style matching separates, their rich, colorful, and groovy patterns make everyone go crazy over them. Oh and not to forget they’re the perfect staples to imply the pattern on pattern trend on! Surely, everyone has a wish of trying that trend. For a more classy and delicate look, go for shirts that have embroideries and other embellishments e.g. tassels! Matching separates can be worn in all seasons as they can come in a variety of staples- sweater sets, night suits and so much more. So you don’t have to worry about styling when such staples are a part of your wardrobe. For summers they mostly have spaghetti straps which give a sexy look in an instant! Talking about the length of the tops they are most often cropped. What makes them even prettier are the colorful and small floral patterns on them. Of course, boho-chic clothing without patterns is not boho style! Patterns make this attire unique. However, if you’re not a fan of patterns there is always another option! Some tops come with pretty embellishments like tassels, feathers, and lucky charms. They play a major role in enhancing their quality of being unconventional. For winters, sweater dresses have high necks and are full-sleeved. They often come in nude colors which are perfect for winters! 

Are you one of those people who want to stay in their comfort zone and keep in touch with all the trends too? So why not think about getting some matching separates as they don’t even cost a lot? Let’s take a quick look at the bottoms now.

The bottoms of matching separates mostly are either a maxi length or mini skirt or a pair of shorts. The vintage maxi-length skirts are seen very often on runways and fashion shows. Women style these chic skirts in their own unique ways be it the girls in their teenage years or mommies! It is very airy and is mostly made up of silk- the comfiest of all fabrics (more like other pieces in the boho attire). As bohemian attire helps one achieve the heights of comfiness very effortlessly, this is why these shorts too have loose-fittings which makes them the right choice and first choice of people. 

Matching separates usually fall in a warm color palette e.g.  Maroon, mustard, oranges, and yellow-greens; more like the rest of the attire. However, the colors white and black remain the perfect pick for most people as you can always pair these colors with other colors that pop! A few tops and bottoms also have lots of frills in them. Picnic vibes, No? The perfect pick with sweater dresses is of course palazzo pants!  With no more wait let’s move on to a few styling tips and tricks to slay all your looks in boho style matching separates!

The way you pair up your accessories, do your make-up and also your hairdo can either make you look like a boho queen on wheels or can completely destroy the look. But, now you don’t have to worry about styling at all because we have all the necessary information for you beautiful ladies! It's summertime and everyone looks for dresses in which they can flex their summer bodies and booties, for which they’ve worked so hard! Off to the beach or having a poolside party? Go grab the off-shoulder top and the matching shorts you choose ‘cause your eyes got stuck on them! Stuck on what to wear to a daytime party? How about giving the white crop top and the new printed skirt a try? You’ll look like the epitome of grace and beauty! One reason to love boho-chic clothing is their comfy and flowy nature and the other one is obvious- that we can wear these staples any time of the day, just with the right styling! And trust us, they’re not difficult to style either. For your hair-do go for beachy waves with half of the updo or if you’re someone who wants to beat the heat a high ponytail would work very well! Half up-dos are the most graceful and classy hair-do one can go for. You can run all your errands in matching separates very comfortably. Choose the shoes you like the best and what your heart says as everything from a pair of white sneakers to your pencil heels would work- just depends on where you’re off too! For make-up, you girls don’t need make-up to look beautiful! But anyway, if your love for make-up is a bit too much then the in-trend lip and cheeks tints are a must-have! Girls, go get your crystal studs and nose rings out of your jewelry boxes. You can also wear the silver pendant your best friend gifted you. Just a few unique accessories will make you slay the day!

Winters without upgrading your style is a big NO! Coordinate sets were previously the most trending topic in the fashion book and are loved currently too! Sweater dresses? Highly recommended! Go grab your favorite red/maroon lip shade to look like an absolute vintage goddess! Off to a date or a night-time party? We have got your back girls. For your hairdo this time, a sleek bun will make you get everyone's attention in the room. Sleek buns never go wrong, do they? 

Wedge heels or long boots? Depends on what's your own style and don't ever forget that your shoes represent your personality so you should never go wrong with them! Big silver hoops or any other statement earrings are a must.

You can all wear your most loved crystal pendant or a bunch of bracelets with a co-ord set. If you have an artistic, free-spirited side you always know multiple ways to style bohemian staples and so can you experiment with matching separates.

Above mentioned were all the necessary details to start experimenting with your looks with matching separates so you too can get started with your Bohemian aesthetic. We hope you found this article helpful!


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