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The Perfect Vacation with a Boho Twist

Is your boho soul bored and overwhelmed by staying at home all day in winter? Do you miss the sun? Are you unable to beat your winter blues? If yes, it’s time for you to get away from reality and unwind for a few days.

The most important thing when planning a trip is to style yourself because it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good. Bohemian clothing is ideal for the seaside and nights out on the town. It’s a style that’s fun and charming, whether you’re going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant or just lounging on the beach with friends, bohemian clothes are sure to make your day special.

So, the question is, where should you go to let your Bohemian soul flow? We’ve got just the right place! Thailand, the land of smiles, is the finest winter destination for you. This country has a great deal to offer including high mountains, tropical jungles, old cities, elephant encounters, kind smiles, and diverse landscapes. Also, your trip would be incomplete if you did not see the stunning Buddhist temples.

Immerse yourself in Thailand’s rich culture and vivid art to revitalize your bohemian feelings. The fact that Thailand’s accommodations are both affordable and comfortable is a plus. Moreover, if you love spicy food then Thai food is specially made for you if you love spices. The famous dishes consist of Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong.

When you are going on a vacation, there are many things to think about. Deciding where to go and what to pack for your trip can be confusing. Well, don’t worry, since we’ve got your back!

Where To Go?

This magnificent country has something for everyone, from vibrant cities full of culture and history to exquisite beaches and tropical woods. When we say the word ‘culture’, it’s all about being a boho queen! In Thailand, various regions have their customs and traditions. Phuket, Chaing Mai, and Ko Samui are among the most popular.

The Beaches of Phuket

Phuket is well known for their stunning beaches and exciting nightlife. It has many hotels that provide reasonable all-inclusive packages that include food, drinks, and activities. Fan of water sports? If yes then do go to the beaches and Phuket and enjoy parasailing, sailing, and jet skiing in your printed floral bikinis and slay being a boho girl.

Unforgettable Memories at Chang Mai

Chang Mai is known for its traditional cuisine and spicy meals, prepared by the locals who have been doing it for centuries! You can grab your bright-colored, printed shirts and pair them with a skirt to slay the look. If you are someone who loves collecting souvenirs then this is the right place for you as numerous shops sell traditional items like soap carvings, paper lanterns, paper umbrellas, triangle cushions, etc.

The Peaceful Koh Samui

From families and honeymooners to travelers, Koh Samui caters to everyone. A temple with a mummified monk and nearby rock formations that appear like male and female genitalia are two of the island's most bizarre attractions. Get ready to use the bucket hat or the printed bandana you got. Unique pieces from the bohemian attire are the best picks to complete your go-to looks for the day and we guarantee you you’ll look like the queen of boho clothing Koh Samui has various high-end spas as well as outstanding golf courses.

Koh Phayam for Hippies

If you’ve always been a hippy at heart, then Koh Phayam Island on Thailand’s Andaman coast is the perfect place for you to visit. As bohemian people are believed to be free-spirited most of them are in love with islands and coasts, thus this place is the perfect pick for you! You should try kite surfing at this location to gain new experiences and might as well drink at this cool bar known as the hippy bar.

Modern City of Bangkok

Moving on, Bangkok is recognized for its incredible shopping malls and floating marketplaces. Shopaholics frequently pay a visit there since the products are pocket friendly. Buying at the floating market seems like stepping into another world because you can also take a ride on the boat and enjoy the fruits you bought there. Don’t leave a single chance to open up while you travel as your jolly, free-spirited nature is what makes you stand out. 

As far as accommodation is concerned, there are all types of living spaces available from cheap to luxurious. You can easily Air bnb or live at a hotel with moderate rent per night. Other than Air bnb you can book a room through tripadvisor or

Looking forward to a vacation with a free-spirited bohemian vibe? It’s a dream for many of us! You can take a quick overview of these lavish boho-boutique hotels that’ll leave you awestruck.  

Ping Nakara boutique, an absolute blowout five-star luxury hotel in Chang Mai has a cozy, peaceful, and intimate vibe. One of the perks of this hotel is that a fancy car can pick you up from the airport for 650 baht. However, if you are looking for a hotel on a significantly lower budget my Chiang Mai boutique lodge is the best hotel for you in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It has all the facilities one wants, like a bar, pool and a spa bath.

What To Wear?

For your boho vacation, take out your suitcase because you will be packing a lot of chic boho outfits! The best thing about boho fashion is that it's simple and laid back so all you will be needing for your vacation are a few stylish staples that will be enough to execute multiple fashionista looks! If you want to dress up or down, Bohemian clothes will let you do both!

Floral wrap dresses and Winter Boho Coats

If you’re planning on eating out at a restaurant in Thailand, then the long, breezy, flowy floral wrap dress is an option worth considering. Also, if you want to look snazzy then pair your outfit with some extravagant bohemian-inspired jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces.

We advise dressing similarly but more conservatively if you’re heading someplace that requires more formal attire like a temple: perhaps a maxi dress with an open shirt underneath?

Moving on, coats are the most important winter outfit item. While boho fashion has its feel and energy, it can be tough to style at times, but don't worry because we've got you covered. Bohemian coats come in two lengths: knee-length and ankle-length. It all comes down to what works best for you. The many prints, captivating embellishments, and floral and funky patterns are what make Boho-chic clothing unique and eye-catching. You can wear these bright and funky coats when exploring the temples or the mesmerizing cafes in Bangkok. These are going to stand out and will help you blend in with other people around you.

Chut Thai

Also, when you’re in Thailand and plan on visiting the temples, it would be great if you buy yourself the traditional Thai dress known as the “Chut Thai”. This will not only make you feel good about yourself, but it will also make you feel like you belong to this culture. As a result, visiting the temples becomes much more enjoyable and unforgettable.

You must remove your shoes before visiting any Buddhist temple, so choose designs that can be removed easily. Also, while visiting temples make sure you wear long sleeves and a longer skirt.

Plain Tees, Shorts, and Pants

Other than this, you should keep solid tee shirts so that you can pair them up with cool boho pants or shorts while visiting the beach. Harem pants are just what Boho queens want. They can make you seem fashionable while also ensuring the utmost comfort. The harem pants are fairly popular for their creative patterns, the blend of eye-catching hues as well as their smooth texture. You can pull them off when going to Koh Phayam as they’re super comfy and easy to wear.

With shorts a basic, light-colored tee or crop top will never go out of style; to give a chunkier look, pair it with a statement jewelry piece, such as a crystal necklace or lovely feather bracelets. 

Easy Chic Footwear and other Accessories

Low cowboy boots or chunky heels are ideal for footwear, but even casual lace-ups will look great with these shorts. Even bright, neon-colored flip-flops would look great if going to the beach. Boots in brown, black, and grey enhance your appearance.The straw hat she sees in her closet that has not been worn this past winter and the cool flowing boho floral dress that would just love a salty ocean breeze through the fabric to flutter between her legs. The smell of the coconut lotion and the taste of a mai tai on a catamaran trip from Koi sumoi to Koh phi phi.

Hippie Skirts

Additionally, an off-shoulder crop top would look awesome with a hippie skirt. Hippie skirts come in a variety of colors, most commonly pink, blue, and red, and the most popular, black and white. Aside from this, printed skirts are usually a good choice for stunning Instagram photos. Therefore, keep your family and friends updated about your trip and flaunt your incredibly cool bohemian outfits.

The bohemian look is all the rage right now. When going to Ko Sumai or Pattaya City, you can wear a floral wrap dress with a scarf scrunchie to complete your look. Furthermore, you can style these vibrant and elegant skirts with a pair of sandals or flip-flops, but you can also keep it classy with a pair of pumps or heels. 

Another option is to try pairing your ensemble with a hat; this will give your appearance some color and texture without adding too much bulk.

Cutsie Onesies

Do you love onesies? Is your answer yes? Onesies are super comfortable and you can wear them anywhere you want. Onesies are described as a loose-fitted style of casual jumpsuit. Boho-chic onesies are made up of subtle and elegant motifs, usually flowery. They have flowy and light sleeves, while another popular style is the patterned entire sleeves. These versatile onesies are a great option to wear for sightseeing or when you’re strolling around in Thailand. Onesies for ladies can be found at Bohemian Mama, Etsy, and Amazon.

Trendy Denim

If you want to go to the shopping mall or amusement park, pair anything with a denim jacket. We're all aware of the denim-denim trend; you can wear your favorite blue or black flare pants with a solid-colored top and layer on the jacket. Choose wavy hair and a flower-patterned bandana for your hairstyle. Pair this outfit with chunky gold hoops.


Other than clothes, some other tips are that the humidity might mess with your hair, so consider using accessories or a scarf to keep it appearing nice and tidy. Also, don’t forget to put on a lot of sunscreens and do carry sunglasses and a hat in your bag everywhere you go in Thailand.

What To Pack?

Worried about packing? Don’t stress too much because we’ve already made a list for you.

Sunscreen and Repellents  

As Thailand consists of many tropical forests, so it’s important to keep an insect repellent to protect yourself. Similarly, to protect your skin from sunlight at the beach, it’s essential to keep sunblock with you. This way you keep yourself protected and also take your daily dose of vitamin D.

Tourist Sim

If you are not with a tourist group or a tourist guide, then consider buying a tourist sim for yourself because you might find wifi at the hotel you’re staying in or at the cafe but for traveling to different places you need Google Maps which only operates with the internet. Hence, if you don’t want to get stuck and want to enjoy your trip thoroughly, get a sim as soon as you reach your destination.

In addition to this, you should also have a power adapter so that your mobile is always charged, after all, you're in a foreign country with a possible communication barrier, and you don't want to get lost. Also, you should have a flashlight, you never know when you’ll need it.

Rainy Day Essentials

Don’t forget your umbrellas and raincoats when in Thailand as there is a chance of rain even in winter. Moreover, if you’re traveling on foot then it is a must for you to carry a water bottle with you, to stay hydrated.

Do keep the flip flops or slides on or sandals because first of all, they are comfortable, and secondly, you are not allowed to wear shoes when entering the temple. So keep slides as they are easy to take off.

Cape Shawls

Furthermore, when you’re keeping your clothes in the luggage, make sure you carry cape shawls, wide-legged trousers, or long dresses with full sleeves. Keep one or two conservative clothes to wear at the temple. This is because people wearing revealing clothes are not allowed to enter.

Must-Have Docs

Keep in mind that your vaccinations must be done before you leave for another country. Also, print the id cards and passports as these will help in renting a car in Thailand.

Tissues and Toiletries 

Sadly, there are no tissues in the toilets so it’s better if you keep a pack of tissues as that would be convenient for you. Lastly, to carry all these things mentioned above, you need to keep a durable bag to keep your valuables in them.

Thoughts On Vacation

When going on a vacation it is significant to stay fit. To do that, remember that Thailand is a hub of yoga retreats. Hence, you can join any yoga retreat at a spa. This way, not only can you join yoga but also you can get relaxing and calming massages. What sound’s better than that?

Thailand is an amazing location to spend your vacations but if you are not a big fan of this country then you can visit Bali as an alternative and equally fun destination. Bali is mostly known for its local roadside warung and chasing waterfalls.

All in all, we hope this article guided you in the best way possible about the places you can visit and enjoy, the dos and don’ts of the trip, and also helped you on how to style boho outfits in a very chic manner!

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