March 10, 2022 8 min read

Humans tend to complicate the phenomenon of happiness while it’s so simple. Happiness is like a flower bud that opens up when spring arrives, spreading its fragrance everywhere.

Why we call this phenomenon simple is because it is extracted from the very simple and little things in life. It lies in the very simple things in life. What makes humans happy? Small gestures such as a heartfelt message from a friend, smile on a loved one’s face, receiving flowers on your birthday, getting compliments on a new dress, the sun’s warmth, the shining moon, the cool breeze, the fresh fruits, getting good grades on a test you worked really hard for, feeling wanted, needed, appreciated, the weather and the seasons and the rain and what not! How beautiful and diverse is the realm of happiness. It is not bounded by anything. Neither it is dependent on the occurrence of big events. It just comes in very small packages in life. Some days we open more parcels of happiness and some days less. Well, that’s just how life is but whenever opened up, the parcel of happiness is like a breath of fresh air. It is like the opening of a flower bud, so beautiful, so serene! 

However, if you’re not feeling like yourself these days or are struggling to be happy, don’t worry we have got your back beautiful! After years of research, it is proved that a few practices make a human being happy so let’s wait no more and get started!

Smile More Often

‘Smile - it's a free therapy!’ Make sure once you’re done reading the article, you make smiling and making others smile an everyday ritual. After years of research, it has finally been proven that when a person smiles, a chemical reaction takes place in which your brain releases small molecules called neuropeptides which help to fight off stress. Also, who doesn’t look beautiful when they smile? Just get used to flaunting the curves on your face when you smile, start owning your imperfections as this is one thing that builds up your self-confidence and contributes to your happiness.

Smiling regularly not just makes you look happy but also has various other positive effects, both on you and the people around you! It offers benefits to your health, improves your mood, and makes your vibe a positive one so people get attracted to it because only happy people can make their environment joyous as well. Thus, most people say it right, ‘Stay happy, smile more!’

Exercise Regularly

‘Move those joints’, ‘exercise daily’, ‘add up exercise in your everyday routine’ are a few phrases we hear almost every day but exercise is one of the major key points that contribute to your happiness. You can easily combat stress when your body is healthy enough to fight any worries coming your way! When we are regular at exercise, our body releases chemicals that enhance our mood and help our body suppress hormones that cause stress and anxiety so you’ve got the solution to your long-lasting sadness now.

It’s a proven fact that no matter what you are going through, all your anxiety can be taken away within four weeks with the right life choices. Though, just clearing the misconception that you don’t need hours of workout and extreme workout to lead a healthy lifestyle. Walking, stretching and other such exercises that take up very little energy work just as well. Oh, and what we prefer is making at least 15 minutes of jogging the first thing you do in the morning! Healthy and refreshing. Go for something you enjoy e.g. park your car near a park and walk yourself to get the groceries or take your pet out for a walk (he might need the necessary exercise too!) So don’t forget to make the right food choices along with exercising because after all, you are what you eat!

Get Enough Sleep

Where are all the sleeping beauties out there? Girl, you’re doing it right! Sleep all your stress out and wake up happy to fight the day away. Always remember that resting is as important as working hard. We recommend, getting quality sleep AND getting enough of it! You will no longer have to run behind success and happiness this way because if your body is fresh you will have enough brainpower to work throughout the day. Left out assignments or deadlines reaching soon? Pulling all-nighters and sleeping throughout the day isn’t the solution. Rather, get a full night’s sleep and start as soon as you wake up with no stress and a good mood too. 

When you are well-rested, your body makes it easier for you to manage tough situations and over-flowing emotions too. In short, getting a good sleep allows you to live your best life and reach your goals with great ease aswell! Not just this, good sleep is your skin’s best friend. Wanna look beautiful? Sleep enough and yes no one would deny the fact that once we feel beautiful we feel happy too! So girlies, get to bed as soon as you start feeling tired as it won’t only make you happy but successful as well! 

Show Gratitude No Matter What

How beautiful is the phenomenon of gratitude which gives us hope and happiness and makes one feel alive? Gratitude is like walking on fresh grass just after it rained lightly. It is like a breath of air to the lungs. It is like the sight of colorful butterflies to the eyes. So beautiful and so refreshing. Feeling grateful is very important in life because it is probably the only thing that refreshes the soul and compels it to do better in life. Just like how a student when appreciated for his hard work feels motivated to work even harder. Similarly, when the soul feels grateful for things that happen in life, the urge towards performing better in life and doing things that truly bring happiness and joy becomes even stronger. 

Humans tend to overlook some things and might feel sometimes that there is nothing to be grateful for. This happens when one falls into a tough situation. But one must learn to find positivity even in hard times because there is always something to be grateful for. If you can’t find anything then just the fact that you’re still alive and reading this is something to be grateful for because that means you still have a chance to do better. You still have happiness waiting to knock on your door soon!

Speak Well of Others and See your Friends Regularly

Friends hold a very special place in our hearts be it a group of people or just that one person. Why? There’s no specific reason but for a few, it might be because they can share every bit of their lives with them. After all, they get time from their busy life to laugh till their stomach hurts. Uncalculated happiness and beautiful memories that later in life make you nostalgic are two things good friends have for us all the time so you should see your friends regularly or talk to them at least once be it for a short while as the short while might be the happiest moment of the day! 

If you want yourself to feel good you also have to stay positive for that. Start opting for positive habits like sticking to people, talking good about people as all of us need to accept our flaws and by making someone else feel low, you can’t feel happy yourself as well! Even the little acts of kindness play a major role in how we feel. Happiness is contagious so when the people you’re surrounded with are happy, you indulge in their moment and get the vibe too. 

Acceptance of Tough Times

Life is a rollercoaster that has its highs and lows. We all have our good days and bad days. We all face hard times and easy times in life. While it is a human tendency to easily accept and cherish the good times, it becomes very hard for the mind to first interpret a tough situation and for the heart to accept hard times. However, the acceptance of hard times is a very important phenomenon that must happen for the person’s sanity. We all know that if we don’t accept our mistakes in the first place, we can’t work on them. Similarly, we cannot create ease for ourselves and others in our hard times until and unless we accept their existence in the first place. 

Accepting the fact that one is facing a tough situation gives one the courage to face it and not run away from it. Acceptance is like armor to the warrior in war. It is like the armor that guards and protects the warrior facing hard times as it does the work of alarming the mind that it needs to be more active and must think of ways to make the situation better. There is a very beautiful quote that says, “Tough times create strong men. Strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men. Weak men create tough times.” To create strong men, tough times must come and we must accept them first. Acceptance surely doesn’t come easy but what doesn’t come easy brings a lot of peace and hope with it.

Declutter the Mess Around You

Blank spaces can sometimes be beautiful and can give you peace so what are you waiting for? It’s time to clean up your room, the kitchen, or the entire house (only if you dare!) Your environment has an immense role in how you feel most of the time. A colorful corner beside the window with warm fairy nights, where you can have a cup of coffee every day and journal. Does the place make any time of the day perfect to take out time to think about what’s happening in your life, the solutions to all your problems and to practice your favorite hoppy be it painting, playing ukulele and singing along or even reading the book you could never finish. So get decluttering all the mess for a better focus and brighter days! 

Ditch Technology for a while and Explore Nature

Each one of us has been so fond of social media and staying on our phones the whole day that we forget to go outside to get a good walk to explore the little things in life. You will be able to witness the improving quality of life in just a short span if you make a habit of turning off your phone and keeping it away at night as you don’t have a lot going inside your head which leads to a more peaceful sleep. 

Nature does have strong healing powers. It heals not just your physical health but your soul as well. Just having a good walk looking at trees and flowers can boost your mood and positively affect your body e.g. by lowering your blood pressure. Further, after a survey, it has been concluded that people who were fond of nature have more ability to work throughout the day without being tired and they also are the people who make-up the environment. 

Happiness might be something that comes from within but we always can take out time to feel beautiful, to feel ourselves, and to feel happy! So start implementing the above-mentioned key points to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

We hope this article proved to be helpful!


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