April 05, 2023 8 min read

Flipping Wardrobe from Fall to Spring the Bohemian Way

As the season shifts, the style shifts alongside! While most of you people with boho personalities are already done feeling cold whilst wearing multiple layers of clothing and getting little to no sunshine at all. For us, it’s more than that! A change in the weather also means flipping your wardrobe to different staples. As bohemian people live up to their creative and free-spirited natures, what they wear represents their personalities at best. From cute casual tees that you can casually style with your favorite pair of jeans to every other out you can pull effortlessly, you can easily flip your wardrobe from fall to spring this year and look like a whole boho-chich queen! Even if you have a few limited staples don’t worry! We have got your back this time. With just a few easy tips, you can style yourself in innumerable ways and slay the day every time. The one-step solution to all your styling issues has to be the phrase, ‘dress the boho-chic way’. 

Boho clothing is all about funky/ minimal floral patterns, and earthy colors. Over-sized clothing, embroidered tops, and beaded jewelry are also what make the boho-chic attire stand out. You might have also observed how bohemian clothing has been under the spotlight not just on runways, but famous celebrities e.g. Sienna Millers, and Zendaya can also be seen pulling off some amazing pieces perfectly. This is why the past few years can be called, the ‘street styles boho revival era’. If you want to be the head turner in your friend's group or want people to drool over your fashion sense, styling yourself the bohemian way is what you need in life right now!

When we talk about flipping your wardrobe from one season to another, there is a huge misconception that everything needs to be shifted. However, a change of season doesn’t mean revamping your entire closet. Trust us, it’s a very unnecessary practice most of us would be guilty of doing. Adding up a few chic pieces can be a great decision to create various trendy looks as all of us want to keep creating fashion statements that trend for a long time. Keep the lightweight layers and pair them up in the most amazing boho-chic ways!

In the following article, you will learn all about how can you switch to your spring wardrobe without having to revamp your entire bohemian closet. Not just this, we will also give you an overview of how a few fashionistas pulled on bohemian staples that can be styled effortlessly, that too are a must-have for your closet. Simple and sensible swapping of staples is all that you need and once you’re done reading this article you’ll be a pro at it. 

So what are you waiting for, let's get styling boho queens! 

Transitioning the Right Way

The first point you need to take care of when it's time to switch your wardrobe for a different season in boho style is to have the right basic staples for your closet. Plus, no need to worry as you might have most of them already! A few basic tees, hippie skirts, and cute pairs of solid espadrilles would do the job. When you think of mixing and matching, you can go for the print-on-print trend or even keep the look simple by pairing your casual solid white tee with a chic long skirt with alluring prints. 

1. Use the Right Staples from Your Fall Wardrobe 

Bohemian clothing is all about keeping it airy and making your level of comfort your priority. With a minor mistake in choosing staples, you can go completely wrong with the look thus rule number 1 is to choose the RIGHT pieces. Off to a picnic with friends, as this fact is undeniable that as soon as spring approaches the first thing we do is to plan the perfect day out. Let’s take an example that you wear the airy printed dress you got last summer, for vacation. Why not pair it up, with your favorite brown jacket? You won’t feel too hot and will still look like a boho queen by pairing up pieces you already have in your wardrobe. If staples are matched accordingly, you can’t go wrong even once! 

2. Stick to the Spring Color Palette

Lighter hues and spring-time wardrobe? A match made in heaven, isn’t it? When you are hand-picked clothes from your autumn wardrobe don’t forget to pick clothes with light and bright colors. Trust us, when you have clothes with the prettiest prints especially floral patterns, warm colors, and neutrals. You already are the queen of pulling on boho-chic attire. Leave behind the cardigans with dull colors and instead go for the blush pink, lilac ones that you weren’t able to style very well previously. Spring with a touch of winter? The balance all girlies that love boho attire look for. Imagine pulling on your favorite printed boho flare pants with a sweater you thought could never go well with anything. Make people fall you your style with the perfect colors!

3. Layer Lightly

Light layers play an integral role in dressing up for spring. This is the point where most people go wrong. Transitioning from your fall-to-spring closet doesn’t mean still styling yourself with multiple heavy layers. Keep it light so you can feel the breeze you waited for the past few months. Boho clothing and prints are more like best friends. Can always be seen together. Thus, take the midi skirt you have been waiting to style and pair it up with a light-knitted sweater. Wearing an espadrille underneath can go well too, just give it a try! If you feel that the weather is a little too chilly to style yourself this way, just layer up the lighter staples and you’ll be good to go!

Essentials that Your Wardrobe Needs

Now that you know a few easy tips to style yourself this spring make sure you know what your wardrobe has been missing throughout. From having floral printed dresses and skirts to pairing the look with the right shoes and jewelry… everything plays a role in the final look! Let’s take a quick look at some fun easy ways to style yourself in a boho-chic way with a few must-haves!

1. Floral-Printed Long Skirts 

Be it midi or full-length skirts, if you do not have a few pretty skirts your style book is missing on a lot! Get yourself a few pretty skirts be they pleated, checkered, or printed. They’re easy to style and the best choice to wear when you don’t have an idea of how to style yourself! Take inspiration from how Zoe Kravitz rules the bohemian attire by wearing the prettiest skirts and taking care of her comfort before anything. You can pair a boho-chic skirt with your basic tees or even your knitted sweater. It’s all up to you! Whether you’re off to get groceries, are planning a hangout with your best friend, or are even out for lunch, you now know what to wear. 

2. Boho-Chic Dungarees

Styling a dungaree is fun! Boho-chic dungarees are very unique staples as mostly they have patchwork, are handmade, and are printed of course. Loose and comfy. Boho styles aren’t one just to be saved for summer festivals. It can be styled anytime everywhere! Just make sure when you get a dungaree the color and cut are made for you. Forget styling your printed dungaree with a plain white tee just like everyone else does, you can wear a shirt contrast and wear your woven hat as an add-on accessory to make the look! A pair of chunky shoes would even make the entire look better. 

3. Flowing Crop Tops

2023 is the year of girls wearing crop tops of all styles so why not choose a boho one? The one with pretty floral patterns that is off-shoulder or has spaghetti straps. You can instantly get a cool babe look by styling a boho-chic flowing crop top. The best part about styling a crop top is that you can wear whatever bottom you want be it a plated skirt, jeans, or even shorts. Everything will work out with this one piece! Make sure you have a rutan purse as no other accessory can match the level of perfection a rutan purse gives to your look. To avoid feeling cold and rocking the look at the same time you can wear a vest underneath or use any of your favorite jackets from your fall attire. Experiment with boho-chic crop tops and you’re gonna master the art in no time! 

4. Espadrilles

When we talk about shifting your clothing in accordance with the weather it isn’t about the tops and bottoms. It’s high time to shift from yourboots to slip-on. There’s a psychological fact that states that the first thing people notice is a person's shoes so make sure, they go well with what you’re wearing. Espadrilles can be styled with most staples very plain as they come in all colors and printed as well, so no worries about the coordination of colors for your outfit. Get a few pairs and you’re good to go!

5. Wrap Sandals

If you’re not very much into wearing Espadrilles and want to go for a more fashionable sassy look wrap sandals for you are must-haves! You can get them in colors brown, black, and white and your entire spring lookbook is complete. The good thing about them is they can be styles casual and dressy which makes them the perfect pick for outfits you’re willing to wear in spring. Whether you’re wearing your favorite boho dress, capris, or your midi skirt they are gonna work out with each one of these staples. Wait no more and grab these before spring starts to look like a boho queen! 

Taking Inspiration from Boho Queens from the Fashion Industry

Let’s take a look at some of the iconic boho queens who are known for setting fashion statements with their everyday looks. 

1. Zendaya

There are a few noticeable personalities in the industry who slay looks in bohemian attire and are worth taking attention from. The first in line comes a boho-chic queen who wore a bohemian dress to the red carpet! Who could it even be except for Zendaya? We have seen her style different staples from the bohemian attire from dresses to dungarees, and even accessories, and honestly, the attire never looked better.

2. Sienna Millers

Where there’s the summer-time lookbook of the boho queen Siena millers, there are also several jaw-dropping boho-chic looks. She, the ‘it-girl’ was the first face who came up with the idea of ‘boho-chic’ clothing, and looks like it has been her ritual to ditch modern clothes and go for bohemian attire. 

3. Venessa Hudgens 

Venessa Hudgens, a style icon for many! Her ability to pull on printed crop tops and boho-chic bottoms especially flare pants is like no other. The embroidered details on her tops are worth noticing and she is known to leave fashion statements wherever she goes. When you plan to style yourself like a boho queen make sure you take inspiration from these gorgeous ladies! 

4. Chaka Khan

Oh, not to forget our all-time favorite fashionista, Chaka Khan. Bold and beautiful. She sticks to her native American vibe but with the funky fur and feather clothing she manages to slay every time. No doubt about the fact that she’s the boho funk queen. Her style showcases what it means to be a free-spirited woman with the perfect touch of sassiness. People loved the look of her album cover ‘Rufus featuring Chaka khan’ which we all could tell was boho-inspired head to toe. 

These were the few tips to transition your wardrobe from one season to another hassle-free and what are the must-have staples to look like a boho queen. Get ready to set trends this spring, you’re one step away from getting the title of ‘Fashionista’ of your friend's group. We hope you enjoyed reading the article! 

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