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A Curly Girls Guide to bohemian hairstyles! 

Us curly girls need to stay together and learn to stand side by side. The curl education is a lifelong endeavor which will be so much more fun in our community rather than solo dolo.

The best way to describe the many boho chic hairstyles, is the illusion of effortless beauty.  I say the illusion as there is sometimes a few extra steps to get the midsummers night’s dream of an angelic flowing mane. 

Let’s take a closer look at the bohemian classic styles that we all adore and appreciate. Firstly, Let's focus in on the curly girls with texture! 

~Nature versus Nurture~

Natural is the way to go always for bohemians.  The earth offers so many nutrients, oils and vitamins to ensure a healthy mane. Organically grown and taken from mother nature. 

Remember Bohemian hair is not about having frizz free perfect hair it’s not about perfectly slicked back and tamed and controlled 

It’s about being loose, natural and free - Let it flow!

You have frizz? Know worries it's okay let it gowan.

However, if you naturally love on your curls with hydration and the proper nutrients, you can achieve big curly curls that thrive!

Your frizz won't really be that dry frizz we all run from and go rapid on the taming and fixing. All we are saying is that if you have a loose curl or a fly away, its character to your own personal bohemian style which you should embrace and love in on. This among many other reasons make you so special and unique to you alone.

Long Length Curls ~ flowing naturally beautiful 

The top most popular long curly bohemian hairstyles for summer

Long Boho Curls

 ~ Points to notice ~

  • Sometimes just embracing your natural juicy hydrated curls is the most effortless way to keep the day moving in your own boho chic way ~ just add a beautifully colored scarf as a head band or just tied around the head like a Skull cap.  This look is very bohemian and created so easily. 
  • Bandana's, ropes with beads are all beautiful embellishments to the bohemian hair styling at all lengths of hair.
  • All of these looks embrace the natural flow and disorder of the curly hair. 
  • The half bun has become a popular style in today’s modern girl style, it can be accessorized accordingly to encourage you own bohemian vibe. 
  • Adding braids to any curly style is a classic bohemian look that has been tried and true!

Bright long boho curls

    💠  💠  💠

    Shoulder length Curls ~ naturally gorgeous!

    The most popular Mid length bohemian hair styles for summer*

    ~ Points to notice ~

    • The part to pull into a braid or twist - was done organically as the part was not precise nor perfect. 
    • Curls are hydrated with coconut oil, jojoba oil, Moroccan oil or whatever kind of hair moisturizer that your hair enjoys for best results. 
    • Head bands are a beautiful accessory to the bohemian style adding color and texture. 
    • Shoulders out ~ perfect way to allow your natural goddess curls work toward your natural unique beauty! 

    Short curly hair ~ Naturally beautiful!

    The top short bohemian styles for summer

     ~ Points to notice ~

    • The side corn rows with a detail with braid jewels is such a beautiful bohemian touch. Note - that at any length you can insert these hair jewels in regular braids or cane rolls.
    • When your hair is short like this everything is exposed and on stage. Lips - eyes - earlobes - everything. So, make sure you touch all areas to your ideal bohemian presentation.

    The Bohemian Bun ~ Distressed Classic

     ~ Points to notice ~

    • Use your natural curl character, allow the random lengths draping your face like curtains. 
    • We love the deconstruction of the bun, sit it onto of the crown of your head.
    • Use your baby hair, with your best moisturizing agent.
    • Embrace the loose curls, allow them to naturally drape by accident.
    • After you created the bun, pull lightly the beefy parts of the bun to loosen the curs and allow some curls to escape the knot.

    Other Beautiful Bohemian hair styles that are icon and really give that bohemian vibe. For our curly girls we will try to show ways the curly girls have achieved these fresh bohemian looks with ease. 


    When we curly girls we not born with the flowing Goddess tresses, we create them with extensions whether it be tracks, clips or braids just to name a few. 

    In today’s fashion the goddess locks are where it is at. Absolutely stunning and Avant guard. The unruly hair style is perfect for a bohemian hair flip up.

    Some times as you know we may just be into what ever we are into and vibing hard on the creation of something and to do our hair is just not priority. You know, what we are talking about. Any how, we boho gals, want to always look cute though, so...... These are a few extra looks we suggest for a quick and ease fix up just for you bohemian gals! 

    Head Wraps ~ Easy touch up!


    • Head wraps are great for focus days! ~ When your busy. 
    • Achieved easy with a quick pony or pineapple bun and then wrap the scarf around the crown and done. Do it like Pac aka Tupac or tie in the back like our 70's gurus from times past. 
    • The full wrap ~ covering hair completely.  This is a great updo for a treatment day or deep conditioning day.  Getting stuff done while hydrating the mane. Now that is love! 
    • Mostly these are beautiful looks for our bohemian women, living light and living right! 

    Hair is our accessory and we need to have the right up style for each outfit,event etc. It sets a tone of our day or evening. When shopping for your new threads. Keep top of mind these hairstyles as we always have so many curly girl options. 

    And honestly, when it comes to achieving that perfect effortlessly bohemian style, its all about wearing yourself! Your hair, Your Skin, Your Smile etc.

    When it come to make up, ahhhh well if you cant go 100% oh Natural... with just an eyebrow formation and a little mascara and lip gloss then resort to just a BB cream or the lightest foundation to even your tone.

    The caked face is not a bohemian look, well hey it is what it is but the real true bohemian woman prefers the more natural look with cute dewy touches.

    Just think moist, always stay in the moisture! Shea butter, jojoba oil, Moraccan oil, coconut oil, coconut water as well, yes moisturize from the inside out as well!

    Skin, Face, Lips Hair 100% glowing and hydrated!

    Braided styles ~ Woven and fabulous

    Whether we’re talking about casual or formal occasions, relaxed and effortless are the keywords when on a mission to master that laid-back boho hair look.

     ~ Points to notice ~

    • Beach Waves – have been sought-out for years as the ultimate bohemian hair style that’s not only is easy to achieve and considerably lower maintenance than its more detailed counterparts (glam, retro waves and curls) Is it not all about that easy, effortless, natural (beach)-inspired vibe?
    • Braids –are the way to go with these boho styles and whether you opt for a classic French, a simple Three-Way, a Dutch do, a Feather or a Fishtail braid, the results are sure to bring that sought-after boho charm to your look.
    • Messy Updos – Hassle-free, comfortable and chic buns are a bohemian staple and a sure way to achieve that desirable chill vibe, effortless, non-artificial effect, typical to boho aesthetics.

    Fun Fact: The floral crown are called Vinok in Ukraine and part of the traditional folk dress. During the traditional Ukraine wedding, bride would by custom wear the wreath like floral crown on their heads woven into their hair. Flowers used were periwinkle and myrtle.

     To have a fluid boho chic look, stay far away from the strict tight rigid formal styles that refrain you from the free spirit. Completely the opposite to our free-spirited bohemians.

     You got this Girl! 


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