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Bohemian Spirituality

In 1922, a Surrealist leader and poet Andre Breton described the bohemian movement as "one to liberate modern conciousness from that terrible fixation mania." ~Andre Breton

Bohemianism is a non-traditional way of life!

The bohemian movement was a large and fluid group of different rebels with different motivations that changed and adapted throughout the years. The origin of the term 'Bohemian' comes from the French, using La Boheme ~ to describe the lifestyle of the Romani also known as the gypsies, although not from Bohemia this term has been in use since the 1500's and was associated with the informal economy. 

People who sold house made objects, scarp materials, or lived out side the law.  Were often said to be like La Boheme and it grew into a term for vegrants, and people on the bound of society.  As starving artists and young people work to distance themselves from the bourgeois. They were also called bohemians since they were living a fringe lifestyle. 

The Boho Spirit is one that flows and glows with ease of joy!

Often in the company of like-minded people, with some lasting relationships in musical, artistic, or literary pursuits.

Most Bohemians refer to themselves as wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.

Vagabond and wanderers

Bohemians Beliefs and Philosophies:
  • The modern take on the bohemian lifestyle is to embrace the universe with its full simplicity, without judgement or restrictions, without the stress that comes with worldy posessions. Being care free, limber and at ease with the universe ~ as what will be, will be! 
  • Boho like-minded individuals unconventionally express themselves through their art. Believing that every positive vibe they send to the world will flow naturally back to them....aka karma.
"The over lively and overexcited imagination naturally leads to a taste of freedom, indepedance, even wontoness of the mind" ~ Watelet's Dictionaire 
    The Romantic movement (Style/Theory/Mind-set)
    • the starving artist's image *in his empty loss, *sacrificed everything he had for his invincible art.
    • Why did he give up his very comfortable bourgeois lifestyle?

    The bourgeois, there was a plague on land in general, which was good and natural. As the thick headed bourgeoisie (group of middle class people) with their bourgeois mentality. Overly conservative, supporting middle class traditional values making mone and haveing more than enough.

    Typically , this special type are property owners, merchants, capitalists, boring staid, conformists, matrialistic and resistant to change. Sometimes referred to as yuppies 😉


    In retaliation, the Bohemians separated from themselves with their artistic wardrobing, engulfed in art, music and the mistery of the city. Visually separating themselve from the hated bourgeoisie conformists!

    It has been mentioned that "the Bourgeois and the Bohemian are two sides of the same coin. A culture and a counter culture linked and intertwined and at odds but dependant on each other." - Saigal 

    Boho is short for Bohemian.


    In Fashion ~ It is one of the most popular styles out there.

    This style is usually association with

    • ethnic looking,
    • vintage,
    • flowy and 
    • hippie inspired designs.

    It also over laps with styles like hippie and cottage core, they are very similar in the sense that they both take lots of inspiration from raw and natural organic elements.

    The difference between boho and hippie is more about the ideology and cottage core leans more to the ethereal and whimsical side. Boho fashion tends to lean to the comfortable, laid back and self-expressive side of fashion.

    How to Look Boho?

    Use natural and soft fabrics, a very big aspect of this style is the freedom and flowiness that comes with it!

    In order to get this feeling from your garments~

    • They should be made out of comfy and fresh fabrics
    • Light weight fabrics like Silk, Linen, Lace, Chiffon & Cotton are ideal. If you want to wear something on the heavier side, heavy knits and soft leathers will also work.
    • Synthetic fabrics aka Man made fabrics can also suffice as it usually costs less to purchase, however must be soft and flowing and brathable.

    You will look your best if your wear the right colors depending on your natural coloring/tone of skin. However, if you want to look boho or  more earthy to your natural palettes.  

    If you are in the Cool Tones: You would wear more blues and greens

    Or if you are Warm Tones: You would wear more browns, yellows, oranges

    Flowy and Lose Pieces:

    You should acquire the following flowy pieces to ensure for a well-rounded bohemian wardrobe, such as;

    • Maxi Skirts
    • Summer Dresses
    • Wrap Dresses and
    • Wrap Skirts

    Depending on your body shape and structure, some garments may look better than others. Be sure to try a few styles to figure out what styles suit you best in achieving you boho style goals.

    Don’t fret though, there is always a way to reach full bohemianism as there is so many ways to accomplish this simple task.

    Plus, you are not alone we @be-bohemian.com are here to guide and assist you upon your boho journey!

    Go Vintage –
    • Boho takes a lot of inspiration from vintage styles, more specifically the hippie movement.  They are a bit different in ideologies but you can look at hippie themed clothes and accessories for inspiration and you can also incorporate them into your boho wardrobe. For an authentic vintage feeling check it out www.be-bohemain.com

    Wear the right shoes

    • You need to get something that looks raw and natural. You can choose between sandals, flats, & boots. Gladiator sandals, Woven flats and vintage looking boots would make the look boho-chic authentic!

    Accessories –

    • Wearing the right accessories is vital to the over all bohemian aesthetic. Just as important as wearing the right shoes. You should also go for the more natural and hand-made pieces to balance the appeal. Boho incorporates a lot of rustic and ethnic elements, a good tip to find we suggest to look in local shops or perhaps etsy to find some authentic hand-made items.

    A few interesting pieces you can pick up are:

    • Crystal rings
    • Chunky bracelets
    • Headbands
    • Statement earrings

    Now, that you have your accessories you need to know how to wear them.

    Minimalism, is not for bohemians!

    You can really get away with layering them, without looking off (but shouldn’t look uncomfortable).

    The way you layer your jewelry can still maintain a fresh and effortless look.

    If you are feeling Cold, Cardigans and long sweaters are ideal. Bonus points if they have a print on it.
    You can mix and match different prints you have to make sure they have similar color stories so they don’t clash!

    How to build your outfits?

    You can pretty much do anything because, being boho is all about freedom and self-expression! You can wear a simple dress and wear it with layered jewelry or you can be over the top, and wear flared jeans and top with fringe with cowboy boots and pair it with a printed cardigan.

    If you have a base outfit, you can make it more boho by adding accessories that have a woven finish eg. Crocheted cardigan or a white brimmed hat.

    Hair – The Right hairstyles *effortless and carefree

    Your hair styles should be effortless and carefree, you can do anything!

    Natural hair, braids, locks, weave, twists – all you have to do is make sure your hair never looks stiff.

    Boho Hair

    You can also add accessories ~ like beads, shells or flowers… these will make you look a lil bit more natural especially if you choose shells or beads made out of wood.

    You can dress up or down.

    When people picture this style, they usually think of casual or festival clothes. However, depending on the cut and the material the garment is made and how well you accessorize. You can build a boho outfit that links more to the formal side.

    Boho chic – Essentials

        • Flowy Skirts
          – It doesn’t matter how Long or short as long as they flare. You can choose from lightweight materials that are really loose like silks, or something a little bit stiffer like cotton.
        • Printed or Textured Sweaters or Kimonos

        – You can match them with other prints or you can use them as the main piece of your outfit. Either way it is an amazing and comfortable way to make your outfit stand out, or make it more interesting!

        few faves

        • Loose Pants  

        – One or two pairs of loose or baggy pants. You can wear wide leg pants,baggy pants, harem pants or flared pants. Not only are they super    comfortable, they are also fashionable!


        • Gladiator Sandals

          – Wearing these kinds of shoes will always make you look bohemian. It doesn’t matter if they are ankle length or up over your knees. Traditionally made out of leather or a woven material. Instantly give you that raw and natural look that you have been searching for.

        • Woven Shoes
          – You can go to the casual side or to the more formal side. Shoes can really help define the tone of your outfit. They can help you dress up or down, depend on what you want.
        • Low Boots
          – You can go ankle length or right below the knee. Leather or suede in a vintage finish. A few styles of bohemian style options are;
          ~Cowgirl boots
            ~Fringe boots
              ~Slouchy boots
              • Themed Belts
              – You can never get enough of these. Try to get belts that have        accents on them, like:


                  ~Intricate buckles

                  This subtle, but yet not so subtle thing will really help with your outfit and make something minimal and missing something, to totally boho and completely put together!

                  *You can also customize your belts and give them you own signature touch and make it look more artesian.

                  • Ring Sets
                  – A must-have in every boho closet. You can mix and match them of course. You get bonus points if your have rings with astrological signs or mineral stones in them.
                  • Woven Bags

                  They can be either small and cute link a clutch or big and floppy like a hobo bag. Either way their raw and artisanal look helps will pair perfectly to you outfits and give you a real bohemian vibe.

                  • Slouchy bags
                  They can be either a tote or a shoulder bag. They tend to lean to the rather bigger side, and that is very useful. Especially if you have to carry a lot of stuff. Don’t worry these kinds of bags look amazing with the boho styles. No compromising here 😊
                  • Head wraps
                  You can increase the variety of hairs styles you can wear with a head wrap or a head band. It is also great and professional way to keep  your hair in place.
                  • Wide Brimmed Hats
                  This is the last piece you need to finish your signature boho wardrobe.You can also change the band for something that matches      your outfit, or add accessories like beads or feathers to add your personal touch.

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