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How to have a Bohemian Look in Winter?

Are you ready for the hot chocolates and warm sweaters? If yes, then be ready the season of juicy apples and cozy clothes have just arrived. It is not only the season of snow but the season of celebrations, festivities, and style. Always remember the first thing that you need to do is rearranging your winter wardrobe to have the most classy and chic outfits to embrace your style this season. The main concern of all the fashion divas in the snowy weather is to stay safe and snug while slaying their look every minute. 

The key to staying warm in the winter cold is to layer up. It may sound boring but believe us layering up this season will not be as boring as it used to be. Now, you must be wondering which fashion panache will not only keep you warm but also uplift your fashion game and make you look trendy? The solution is in opting for the one and only bohemian fashion. Yes! The boho-inspired looks will keep you warm and trendy.

Bohemian style is all about mix and match. It gives you the leverage of pairing your favorite vintage pieces with some modern textures to create something that matches your unique personal statement. Winter is a sweet sweater season. You need some cozy cardigans, comfy knits, and warm sweaters to layer over your beloved dresses.

Another good news you don’t have to give up on your favorite floral maxis, princess dresses, skirts, or t-shirts as the temperature drops. You just need some snuggly outerwear such as sweaters, fringy cardigans, and hoodies. Moreover, some bohemian style hats, high-waisted jeans, culottes, and high boots will help you to create a perfect bohemian winter look.

Bohemian fashion is not only a fashion trend, it’s a tradition. Embracing your comfort with style is the name of bohemian fashion. It is highly eccentric, free-spirited, expressive, original, and chic. The bohemian style gives you the freedom to be casual in your own way. As you all are well aware of the fact that your style statement is your identity that makes you stand out in the group of people and bohemian style give you the opportunity to discover your style no matter what the conditions are whether it’s hot sunny days or cold snowy nights.

In this article, we will be sharing some winter essentials that you must have in your closet to put up a perfect bohemian look this winter and be the fashion queen of all your winter parties. Read on to find some interesting tips and classy bohemian outfit ideas for your winter merriments.

Must have Winter Items for the Bohemian look:

Here is a list of some must-haves for your winter wardrobe. You don’t have to go over the board or spend a lot of money to create impeccable and trendy bohemian styled looks. Just a few essentials will change your fashion game in the most iconic and flattering way.

The list is given as follow:

  1. Fringy cardigans
  2. High-knee boots
  3. Sweater dresses
  4. Teddy bear jackets
  5. Long pleated skirts
  6. Big brimmed hats
  7. Colorful hoodies
  8. Blue jeans
  9. Pastel colored tee shirts
  10. Long floral maxi dresses
  11. Shawl and mufflers
  12. Leather or denim jackets
  13. Tote bags or knitted handbags
  14. Modish head-bands or scarfs
  15. Pearly or electric bold and layered jewelry
  16. Neutral colored pumps or joggers
  17. Flaring jeans or culottes
  18. Ruffled turtlenecks
  19. Black or white sweatshirts
  20. Belted knit vests

These items can be paired together to form the perfect and fantastic combinations for your winter bohemian look. These comfortable and fashionable apparel will protect you from the cold after all no outfit is worth wearing if it does not protect you from the frosty winter days. But at the same time, it also helps you to look stylish and chic.

How to Plan your Winter Boho Dress?

Bohemian fashion is the name of versatile dressing it gives you the freedom of expression to showcase your creative side. Here we will share some amazing ways to slay your winter bohemian look. These bohemian winter outfit ideas will bring life to your winter wardrobe also will bring forth your artistic virtue.

We will be sharing some key prerequisites and how to carry them that will helps you to nail your winter looks. It’s your fundamental right to look classy during the chilly winter months.

Here are some key elements that make a perfect bohemian winter look:

Wear Layers:

Nailing your winter look is easier and more fun with layering. The most important aspect of bohemian fashion is embracing your aesthetic side. Well layering the floral and floozy dresses with some neutral colored hand-knitted sweaters, vintage cardigans, wool jackets or leather vests will boost your fashion game moreover will also help you to stay warm with layers.

Also, keep in mind too many layers will make you look like a bear so choose smartly and elegantly. You can also pair your jeans with a puff-sleeved top and a fury wool jacket will look awesome on it. Some mix prints with light-toned coats will also look stylish.

Boots Haul:

The first thing that you need to do after hearing about the arrival of the winter season is to go on a boot shopping spree. Knee-length boots will not only save you from chilly winds and cold but also make you look smart and chic. It is time to put your boots into action. More often it is assumed that sandals are the only bohemian footwear but it is not acceptable in the winters. So, bring on your ankle boots, high heel coat shoes, knee-length boots, cowboy boots, joggers, espadrilles, and many others.

Wearing boots with your winter outfits is not only a practical choice but also a boho-chic insignia. You can wear your denim jeans with knee-length boots, a floral maxi with ankle-length boots, or nude colored skirt with joggers. These are the perfect combinations in your winter closet.

Knits Never Get Old:

Bohemian fashion is all about love and nature. Hand-knitted garments always have a special place in your heart as a lot of effort and time has been invested in them. So, wearing hand knits makes you feel good also dashing at the same time. An old hand-knitted sweater by your mom or grandma is a special piece that you never want to get rid of. Don’t worry bohemian fashion has you covered, now you can style these beautiful yet maudlin pieces in a very elegant and smart way.

You must have some cozy and comfy high-neck sweaters, long knitted sweaters, knitted suits, cable knitted sweaters, and fluffy pullover sweaters. Always wear slim jeans under furry hand-knitted sweaters otherwise you will end up looking bulky and fat. These knitted options are excellent outfits to keep you warm also these are the perfect boho-chic pieces.

Maxi Dresses:

Maxi dresses or midis are the perfect bohemian outfit choice. You can wear a flowy maxi dress with an oversized sweater or knitwear or some chunky jerseys with floral skirts to give an ultimate boho vibe.


A scarf is the only accessory that is a perfect fashion choice with functional attributes. It keeps you warm and makes you look chic and stylish. The warmer you are the more you will enjoy the upcoming winter feasts. Wearing a scarf adds a spark to your plain basic outfit. Wool scarfs or knitted scarfs with tassels are the perfect winter accessory.


Hats are always a symbol of bohemian fashion. Brimmed hats are perfect for the winter fiesta. Also if you are a beanie lover then it’s the right time for you to put on your beanies and make a perfect style statement. A woman with a hat is a hot mess!


Every girl is incomplete without a bag. You need a bag no matter what season is this. Bohemian fashion gives you the most practical choices for your bag packs in the icing cold. The most loved bohemian bag choice are those with fringes and tassels. None of the bohemian outfits is complete without an elegant bag.


Now let’s talk about some jewelry pieces. Bohemian jewelry opens up the world of extraordinary romance and elegance for die-hard fashion lovers. It is the name of linearization of your fashion expression. Layered pearl necklaces are the perfect fashion choice. As we know that layering adds spice to the boho-chic style, the same goes with the necklaces. Layered necklaces are always your go-to accessory for giving the final touch-ups to your boho-inspired winter look.

Bohemian fashion is the name of bold colors mixed with neutral tones. Commonly rose gold-colored necklaces are preferred. Bohemian style necklaces include jewelry made up of stones, suede material, beads, threads, and many more. Don’t be scared of wearing something in your ears as well. Some simple and elegant earrings or studs complete your bohemian winter look.


Rock your winter bohemian look with some classy sunglasses. It’s a misconception that sunglasses are only for summers. Bohemian fashion encourages choices that are comfortable and easygoing. Wear the sunglasses that you love and suit you. Always remember my loves you are too glam to give a damn.

Some Outfits Inspiration:

Bohemian fashion is the perfect way to welcome winters and style for winter events. It is the most versatile yet comfortable choice as it does not play by any rules. It always works according to your mood and style.

Now we will be sharing some fashionable winter looks.

1. Retro to the Rescue:

Vintage boho is a never ending trend. Boho way is all about styling vintage dresses in a modern and subtle way. This look is named retro to the rescue as your vintage dresses are going to change your fashion game and make you stand out among your friends. Wear a neutral colored short frock with cozy tights, woolen socks, and ankle-length boots. Wear a loose pastel-colored cardigan such as pink, peach, baby blue, etc. you can also add a brown or black belt over a loose cardigan to give an elegant look. Usually, in winters, it is advised to wear minimal jewelry. Go with some layered necklace and pearl studs. Now you are ready to shine.

2. Street Style Look:

It is a comfy and stylish boho outfit idea. You can wear a comfy velvet flapper with a tank top. Layer it with an oversized crochet sweater or a long coat. Wear boots or joggers. To complete a look style it with a pea cap and you are good to go.

3. Classic Aroma:

Another amazing outfit a slim fit jeans with a white crochet blouse. Wear a leather jacket to protect yourself from the cold. Don’t forget to add some long chain necklace and long feather earrings to complete your look. For footwear go with the knee-length boot and some comfy and cozy socks.

4. The Seeker:

Are you a cardigan lover? Let’s style a mustard-colored cardigan with a white tee shirt, black mini skirt, and a woolen scarf. For the footwear combat boots re the perfect choice.

5. It’s a Boho Fever:

This look encompasses your personal style statement. Wear a cheetah print wide legs trouser and pair it up with a brown hand-knitted oversized sweater. Wear leather boots and gold necklace. Don’t forget your big round shades and enjoy the day.

6. Maxi Sexy:

Are you missing your floral maxis? Don’t worry you can wear them this winter. You can wear your long floral maxi with nude moccasins. Also wear a short leather jacket to give a bohemian vibe. Go with a small leather bag and a scarf with tassels. This look is the elegant way to rock your winter day parties.

This is all about the perfect winter bohemian look. Hope you found this article interesting. Hurry up! go shopping your wardrobe is waiting for some awesome boho-chic dresses and remember the perfect look can only be achieved by finding the right apparel to layer with. Hope you enjoy your winter festivities with class and style!







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