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How to Live a Boho Lifestyle

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought" ~Buddah. 🌸🌺  

Firstly, being human and living in this chaotic world with government, politics, structure of education and just growing up on planet earth is just not easy. Of course, no one ever said it would be, however it is an endless journey of learning about inner self and finding inner balance. 

Our take on how to live a boho lifestyle is a process that we have gone through over this last decade and we are so excited to share our views on this topic with you. Of course, we have researched a few ways to ensure our guide is not one off the cuff.

In a world of politics, battle, and cut-off dates, one can't be blamed for seeking the wonders of bohemianism. From the earthy, green, textured home decor. to the bangles and turquoise earrings with paisley dresses with gladiator sandals. This anti-culture has mesmerized fashion moguls and trend setters for centuries.

Be Brave 3

There are numerous “truths” that we examine as we grow up, and come to learn in our adult selves that we are free to fly and discover this world as we like it, without a must to please everyone…who cares what he/she thinks!? Right? Who wants to live their existence like a system?

Keep top of mind that the way of boho life includes factors of spirituality, ideology, and theology.

As you already know if you have read the other blogs…

The approximate time period “Bohemian” as a name or reference was first utilized was in nineteenth-century France to explain the gypsy tourists that had come there from Bohemia — a region of the Czech Republic.

The term grew wider and increasingly more common, it advanced to explain the gypsy way of life in place of where they arrived from. These days globally, the term “Boho” or “Bohemian” is primarily associated with a fashion or some way to decorate your living places. In fact, bohemian fashion has grown to be a real fashion over the past few years.

Bohemianism is a term used to explain folks who live and partake in unconventional, inventive lives. These people could live in urban city centers or in the suburbs with ease.

The City bohemians will usually find unique creative ways to make their basic apartment or home base as earthy, and natura,l full of texture and color as possible.

Boho apartment

There is always something to fond over or soak in to your frontal cortex. 

Just as simply however, the suburban or country bohemian will be just as liberal with the plants and earthy textures indoors as they are out doors.  Interesting boho country indoors

In both locations of the boho home, an outdoor space is imperative to the bohemian spirit. 

Boho meditation patios

Perfect for the morning meditations with mind body and soul… and to the bohemian the soul is connected to nature and the outdoors.

The modern-day bohemian lifestyle is one packed with music, art, and literature — artists that come to mind that have exuded the bohemianism lifestyle are as follows; Jimmy Hendrix, Zoe Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller just to name a few.

Bohemian Artists

Basically, a life full of liberties, freedom and organic expression is a must for this clan.

Here’s the way to stay in an unconventional lifestyle with few permanent ties and limitations. If you so dare to follow these subtle yet liberating suggestions to join in on the care free lifestyle of the bohemians.

Free Bohemian Girl

Fly Free all day every day!

To do this one must know that risk is involved from time to time. Sometimes an opportunity cost may appear and the price of freedom for that day may be a bit tricky. Be brave, and know that the chance is worth it! Do not worry or think of what others think about you. It is not your business, nor does it help you cause in anyway. Bohemians do what they want as they see fit. They live their lifestyles in their own special way. They consider freedom, creativity, as air in their lungs. Take either away from them and you will see the life in their eyes fade away!  

True modern-day bohemians are people who operate from the margins. They are aware that we have inherited a world whose ideologies are depleted and can only be refreshed from outside the box. 

They work in cooperation with like-minded souls or in solitude, in refreshing our culture.

Think Frankie – from ‘Grace and Frankie’ ~Netflix

Create your own Fashion

Forget about fashion trends, hair coloration developments, tech traits, weight loss program trends, lifestyle developments.

Simply do whatever you want.

Bohemian fashion is a means of expression. A style that routes back to the century-old look, one which helps instill the loose-spirited roots of Bohemia into your mindset. Wear anything you want to wear, with confidence. Bohemians wear whatever they want.

Boho lifestyle

Generally, they tend to all have a comparable fashion however no two are exactly alike. Maintain in thoughts, being a bohemian isn't approximately just looking like one. If you do whatever you want and “the appearance” simply certainly comes organically.

How to dress Boho Chic

These days the bohemian look is more refined, its more elegant, and chic. Its more grown up this way!

Earthy tones– This summer all the shades of beige are really on trend anyhow so it does make rocking the bohemian look a little bit easier.

-Not to think ‘matchy-matchy’, but complimenting to the earthy tones

-introducing the earth tones into your wardrobe really help to give that boho look, but in a more elegant kind of fashion and certainly more on trend to this season as well.

-Accessorize with earthy tones as well perhaps a rattan bag or a straw bag.

Layers -Layering is one of the keys to the boho chic dressing. Mix up the textures not caring to much of whether the shirt you have under is longer or shorter to the jacket. I think its more of a care free spirit that carries you through this look.

Don’t be afraid to mix up your trends!

This outfit styled is Britton top, the utility trend jacket, 2 different necklaces on, all sorts of different metals, jewelry/bangles etc., with the gladiator sandals, and boyfriend jeans (Very relaxed and comfortable).

I think that pairing all these different elements together lots of different trends lots of different layers and different textures it actually works together as a whole outfit. Now if I am running out the door, I would also add just to confuse this a bit more with this Peruvian looking scarf. I think this is perfect example of not being afraid to mix all your different colors up.

I may be wearing all the colors of the rainbow at the moment, but I like the way I look. It feels natural, it feels comfortable it feels Bohemian and has a bohemian spirit to it. Also, on trend for the season at the same time!

70’s Vibe Another favorite way to dress with a bohemian vibe. Studio 54 had the best wardrobing and fashion ever… It’s my favorite! Empire line just under the boozums is fully bohemian btw. Dresses tend to drape and fall a bit more when it falls from just under the chest. Of course, the fabrication is key to a true boho flare… but you got this. Or rather we will show you our favorites here.

Prairie Dress- One of the easiest ways to bring that bohemian vibe out of your closet.  As we already said that the hi street is the way to go in fabrication and cut to ensure a classy elegant version of the bohemian is achieved. Floatier the better, off the shoulder is super fun, look for embellishments and subtle details such as the deep frill on the hem in middies and maxis. I think anything with a lot of movement to it, perhaps with silks and really fine cottons they are lovely for summer and particularly for this boho trend. Don’t worry I don’t think this bohemian trend will go anywhere ever. We all love this look in the summer time so much, and the prairie girl dresses look so flattering on everyone.

Look for a cute prairie girl dress, but be cognizant of one that looks just a bit different than most, even if you have to spend a little bit more. You will have this dress in your wardrobe forever and will love it so much and wear it every summer.

Accessories –The accessories we choose. I got loads of bohemian jewelry I have collected over the years.

Store bags- natural fibers and hobo tote bags. Long dangly necklaces, Antique rustic gold bracelets, earrings necklaces on the slightly higher end, just a bit more quality rather than the super cheap ones that just look tacky and don’t quite last as well. Of course, you can do your bohemian spirt with like bags.

Do What You Want to Do

    Stop keeping up with the Jones’s, follow your own path. You got this girl, you are absolutely amazing and you know it! Handle yours. There's so much more out there than what the mainstream lights up… Keep a keen eye on what makes you glow and get excited.  Passion must lead the way. Collect experiences along with deeper relationships with like-minded boho friends, pursuing creative endeavors which may include making art, songs or writing books. Different transcendent activities: singing, dancing, drawing, painting, sculpting, writing poetry, or writing blog posts all fit in naturally to the bohemian lifestyle.

    All through records, arts were a vessel to express thoughts that have been no longer suitable in society. Playwrights, poets, painters, writers, and graffiti artists throughout time have used their art to criticize their world. So be formidable and make artwork. It beats watching television, analyzing intake lifestyle magazines, or different mindless activities that energize your zombie-like existence. Revive your creativeness. It has been dumbed down by using intrusive advertising and marketing and corporate media. Spark your creativity by way of wandering out the of the norm. You got this babe… be authentically you!

    Be Confident

    Do not be fearful of stares because stares cannot hurt you. Eyeballs literally cannot harm anyone. As soon as you recover from being offended via stares, you may begin to recognize that the majority are staring because they may be certainly noticing you, now not being impolite. They are just searching for you. Your appear, very one of a kind from everybody else, so it is tough to not observe you. In case you are going to get dressed in a way that brings the attention to yourself then I might as well get used to the eye. Once you may realize it, you'll be loose!

    Accept Yourself and Prove it

      Get from your comfort circle and explore! This ties in with rejecting the mainstream and not following trends. It's so clear to allow the media to inform us what to concentrate on, in which to move, what to consume, what is style. It is safe and cozy, and also you can't pass wrong if you are doing what all people else is doing right? However, you are not everybody else. Start to meet humans from different cultures and lands. Find out their traditions and revel in new matters.

      To steer a boho existence, you have to be the real you and fear loose.

      Enjoy Taking Risks

        Don’t be scared of taking risks. Dangers make existence adventurous and full of amusing. Don’t say that something is not possible. Simply leap into the instant and stay in it freely. If you couldn't welcome dangers, neglect to stay a bohemian lifestyle. Explicit yourself creatively. Just use social media and proportion memes to express how you experience. If you have got something inner, get it out with the aid of dancing, making a song, playing and tool, painting, poetry, something!

        Speak Out Everything

        You should be open-minded. Recognize that just due to the fact it is for something you do no longer like or understand, that does not imply it is incorrect or weird. Those who do not communicate simply due to the concern of human beings cannot enjoy boho fashion lifestyles. The first thoughts that come to mind ought to be spoken without thinking about who is in front of you. Simply be you! It is miles the artwork of natural hearts.

        Fly Free Bohemian Queens🌸👑🍃



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