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Midsummers nights dream wedding

Ahh, weddings. The word itself is enough to give us butterflies🦋 .

But these butterflies Butterfly on emojidex 1.0.34are always accompanied by wedding jitters.The wedding theme, wedding cake, bridesmaids’ dresses, seating arrangements, and gosh the wedding dress, are enough reasons to tie up any bride’s stomach into a knot. 

Boho Bridesmaids

But if you are the kind of bride who is chic yet simple, elegant yet classy, sophisticated yet free-spirited, then you have come to the right place! If you want your wedding to just embrace the naturalness of the moment, then you can go ahead and check off the theme in your wedding list. There’s no doubt that it’s definitely going to be bohemian!

Country Bohoemian Wedding

Bohemian weddings are becoming a new trend. The simplicity, freedom, and perfection in the imperfection of this wedding style has definitely caught every bride-to-be’s eye. Boho weddings aim to make the most out of nature, and to be more specific, the boho style embraces the roughness and freedom of nature. Instead of making a big pile of red roses the centerpiece, Boho style prefers to bind some twigs and succulents and make them a treat. Boho weddings are the Tinkerbell of fairytale weddings. 

Fairy Tail wedding

The idea of a Boho wedding sure sounds free and easy, but trust us, it requires some work. After all, the aim is to perfect the imperfect. So get your wedding planners ready and put on that bride-to-be crown, we are about to spill the tea on how to pull off a Bohemian Wedding!

Spill the Tea

In this article, we will highlight all the insights of a Bohemian wedding.

Starting from the venue down to the invitations, we have got it all covered.

Let’s dive right in!

I. The Venue:

Boho weddings are all about being natural.

That being said, for a Boho wedding make sure you choose an outdoor venue. A nice hilltop, or a meadow, or a sandy beach are some of the outdoor choices. You can also go for woods and deserts, any place which makes you feel free and close to nature.

Let the blue sky symbolize your free spirit and let the earthy ground speak for your personality.

In fact, one of the best things about a Bohemian wedding is that you can even have it in your backyard! Nothing screams more natural than the comforts of your home ground in which you grew up. 

boho backyard wedding

If an outdoor wedding is not your style, then worry not. There are plenty of indoor options for a Boho wedding as well. A vintage church with a high ceiling, an empty greenhouse, or a farmhouse are some of the chicest options for an indoor Boho wedding. Just trust your gut!

II. Boho Invites:

The most important part of a wedding is planning out the invitations. The invitations of any wedding are the first glance that your guests are going to have at your wedding. So the invites need to reflect the essence of the wedding. Keeping it simple by crafting a welcoming message on a white background and pairing it up with some sage ribbon and twigs is one of the options. You can send it off by pairing it with a tiny succulent. Since honoring crystals is also a big part of the Boho culture, so you can always use crystals to add the wow factor to your wedding invites. Just focus on being natural and organic. If crystals and twigs are not your style, then just splash out some rustic aesthetics with a dash of the vintage touch. These invite ideas will definitely set the mood of the wedding for your guests. 

III. A Dreamy Aisle:

Every bride’s dream since she was a little girl was to walk down the aisle. So undoubtedly the aisle needs to be very special and heart-touching for the bride. One of the best and simplest options for a Bohemian wedding aisle is to just decorate the aisle with shades of white and sage. Add some rustic twigs here and there for a more aesthetic look. You can always for a rug as well. Rugs are perfect for adding the vintage touch to your Boho wedding. So take out that rug from the attic and use it as your runway. If you’re having an outdoor wedding then the best option is to let the ground be your ramp. You can also use a plain white sheet. Just liven it up with some petals and leaves and you will be good to go! 

IV. Comfortable Seating:

The reason why people love Bohemian weddings is that they are just so comfy! No fancy chairs, uncomfortable cushioning, and definitely no pointy glass tables. As mentioned before, you are aiming to perfect the imperfect so just throw around some of those lounge sofas and those fluffy cushions. Another fun fact about Boho weddings is that they are all about mix-match. So feel free in pairing a plain lounge sofa with a bright high chair. A tip you need to keep in mind is to restrict the mix-matching with one piece of furniture at a time. For example, if you’re mix-matching the chairs, then it will be ideal to keep identical tables. You can also make your Boho wedding the talk of the year by having ground seating. This will give your seating arrangement a more earthy vibe and will allow your guests to share your ever so loved free spirit. 

V. A free Spirited Wedding Arch:

What makes a wedding magical is the wedding arch. It serves as the portal to transport the happily married couple to another dimension where they can start a new life. So needless to say, your wedding arch is definitely going to be the center of attention. Since a Boho wedding preaches simplicity and elegance, the same goes for the wedding arch as well. The most frequently used Boho arch is a floral and succulent backdrop. Make sure to not trim the edges of the succulents and the twigs and just let them flow naturally for an earthy aesthetic. Another creative yet classic idea is to use a plain wooden arch and just cover it with some hanging crystals and a plain drape. Don’t worry about covering it all. Allow it to flow free just like your personality! 

VI. Flowers that Describe YOU:

Flowers in a wedding act like stars in the night sky. They are the decor of the wedding. For a Boho wedding, usually, sage and pastel-colored flowers are preferred over bright colors. Rough green edges, dashes of brown twigs, and loads of succulents make an ideal bouquet for the bride. Whimsical flower arrangements on tables, aisles, and arch really light up the tone of the wedding. Occasional flower petal droppings on the seating and the aisle help to enhance the earthy outlook of the Boho wedding. Don’t worry about hiring some fancy florist for the floral arrangements, just throw a bunch of flowers together and think of it as a DIY project. You can also pair up your bridesmaids with a smaller bunch of succulents and maybe just one or two pastel color poppies to add that pop of color. 

VII. Bring the Moon to Your Wedding:

Bohemian weddings are not only about the earthy goods. The free spirit of the Bohemian wedding allows you to bring the sky to your wedding. Add loads of crescent moon shape hanging decor on the tables. You can add a fun touch to your wedding by having a wishing tree on which guests can shower you with good wishes on moon-shaped cards. The key is to be creative. Don’t worry about pairing the moon with some twigs. Just remember they symbolize your freedom so take it in any direction which feels more natural to you. You can also add the moon effects on the backdrop arch to symbolize the connectivity of the sky and the earth. 

VIII. A Sweet Surprise for Guests:

The key to making your wedding unforgettable is to give your guests a surprise as sweet as you! Write up some free-spirited quotes for each of your guests and pair them up with some crystals and twigs. Add some dashes of sage by adding succulents or roll up the parchment in some twine. Another DIY trick is that you can craft these on wood for a more rustic yet aesthetic look. This will leave your guests in awe and your magical Bohemian wedding will leave a permanent mark in their homes. 

IX. Rustic Yet Aesthetic Bar:

Spice up your wedding by adding a rustic bar. The best thing about a Boho wedding is that you do not need to go for an exquisite bar. You can have a highly aesthetic bar for your wedding through a DIY project. Just go to your backyard and take some wood pieces. Set them up and do not worry about shaping them up. Place a barrel on top and you’re all done! Add some sage greenery and some twine to give it a more earthy look. Trust us, it will be like Tinkerbell’s personal bar! 

X. Make the Cake a Star:

Wedding cakes are one of the best things about weddings. And everyone loves cakes! For your Bohemian wedding, just go for a cake that suits your aesthetic. If you are the bride who fell in love remembering the blue sky, then let your cake symbolize that. If you are obsessed with crystals, feel free to incorporate them into your cake. But if your want a more natural and earthy look on your cake, just add tones of white, sage, and brown to make your cake a star. Naked cakes are also becoming extremely popular in Bohemian weddings. So don’t feel shy to express yourself through your cake. 

XI. Light Up with Candles:

Nothing seems more natural and romantic than a candle-lit wedding. Just fill candles everywhere. Use tones of warm yellow lights and plenty of candles to light up your Bohemian wedding. You can also have a separate teepee all lit up with candles for a romantic photoshoot corner. Trust us, your guests will absolutely love the idea of candles as not only it will give your Bohemain wedding a rustic look, but will also add the chic sophisticated touch that your wedding needs. You can also add some rustic lanterns or have a floating lantern show at the end of the wedding. That will surely make it a night to remember! 

XII. Lively Music:

The only thing that your Bohemian wedding is missing is some lively music. Here’s another interesting fact about Boho weddings that the elderly in your family will certainly enjoy. Boho weddings usually have a sweet lively music playing in the background instead of some loud rock. Live music played on instruments always adds a magical touch to a wedding. It also calms the atmosphere and allows your guest to loosen up and feel the moment. 

XIII. A Boho Queen Flower Crown:

The Bohemian lifestyle is all about being effortlessly elegant and chic and nothing tops it off better than a flower crown. Make use of some sage greens and some cute little lilies and poppies to make your flower crown. You can create a beautiful garland that compliments your personality. Add some touches of color to your garland to make it stand out. You can do a classy updo hairstyle to pair up with your flower crown. It will definitely add a lively fairytale touch to your wedding dress and will surely make your wedding pictures pop! 

XIV. A Boho Wedding Dress:

We saved the best part for the last! The secret reason why every girl wants a wedding is to say yes to her dream dress. For a Bohemian wedding, the dresses are limitless and utterly gorgeous! Let your dress scream you. Allow to express yourself through your dress. A long sleek gown with a low back and a slim fitting is ideal for a Boho bride. You can also go for long rough sleeves and chic cuts to embrace your freedom. Any dress which makes you feel free and allows you to embrace the earth’s goodness around is your dress. Just follow your heart and choose your dream dress! 

We hope you found this article extremely helpful in planning your Bohemian wedding. Just follow these simple tricks and tips to have the best Bohemian wedding in your family. And remember, FEEL FREE!

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