September 20, 2021 8 min read

Every autumn we all wait for the most anticipated holiday of the year to celebrate, to sit around the table together, to eat, sing, enjoy and forget about everything in the world around us. Yes! It’s Thanksgiving pals. It’s mid of September already, and guess what, thanksgiving is around the corner. Let’s celebrate this thanksgiving with much more festivity, merriment, and cheerfulness as the current covid circumstances have by now taken a lot from us. It’s time to regain our energies and party hard by staying in the same social bubble but celebrating it in the most exhilarating and joyous way.

Thanksgiving is all about having quality time with your loved ones but let’s be honest it’s actually about dressing up, decorating your homes, and enjoying the delicious feast with family members and friends. This year your aim must be to do something different by embellishing up the idea of adding a boho element in everything whether it’s getting clothed up, decorating the doors and windows, setting up the table, or dressing of the delightful food on your table.

Bohemian fashion will open up the opportunity to style in the most magical yet coziest way by providing you with the chance of connecting with your loved ones and spending quality time with them this holiday season.

Bohemian décor is all about elegance. It is centered around simplicity with natural aspects and rustic colors. So, to set up a perfect Thanksgiving dinner this year all you have to do is throw a boho-inspired thanksgiving. Believe us this year’s Thanksgiving is going to be the most stylish and eventful with the boho touch-ups and will make your Thanksgiving meal sparkle.

In this article we will be highlighting the ideas of how to plan an exceptional gathering by tapping into your stylish and trendy side, adding vibrant colors, funky flavors, and unconventional twists to your Thanksgiving theme this year. Let’s learn how to plan a perfect bohemian Thanksgiving dinner by selecting the ambrosial bohemian menu, setting a jaw-dropping dinner table, stunning décor, and the chic bohemian outfit to have the best holiday ever!

Are you ready to avail the perfect opportunity to let your personality glitter? Read on to see how you can lift your game by incorporating boho texture into your holiday festivities.

How To Decorate For a Boho Thanksgiving?

Decorating your homes for Thanksgiving adds an element of fun and love. Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be totally traditional it’s all about spicing up your home décor ideas with creativity and style. Now, we talk about the décor, it’s not about stressing over perfection but feeling special this Thanksgiving. So, you don’t have to go overboard or invest a lot of time or money into it. Just a little boho chic, warm inviting, and elegant décor are enough.

Hallway and Entrance:

In order to make your home décor stand out, try adding aspects of natural elements to give an earthy vibe. Like planting few red maples in pots or containers and placing them in front of your entrance door. Decorate the front door by hanging a wreath decorated with some bows and tassels with a splash of autumn colors and leaves. 


Decorate the mantle above your fireplace with a boho element. Place some rustic-colored frames with some traditional designs or simple art in monotonic color schemes on the mantle. Introducing some hanging on the wall will give a boost to the overall design. None of the boho décors are complete without a green component. Place some plants in front of the fireplace with some metallic touches. Add a colorful rug on the floor and a comfy wooden chair with some retro cushions. Never be afraid of playing with the unexpected colors it will add a spark into your overall theme as a bohemian style gives you the leverage of expressing your thoughts in the most sophisticated way.

In order to focus on the details, hang some tassels in orange and skin color along with the green and skin stockings on the fireplace. Place some jars with candies and holiday cookies over the fireplace for a Thanksgiving vibe. You can also add some orange flowers in the vases and place some pumpkins and pines in the living room to give a boho touch along with autumnal colors. Add some knitted boho lampshades to give an ethereal look.

Bohemian décor is all about the mixture of colors, patterns, and aesthetic art. Mostly warm colors such as yellow, red, orange, sienna with the excess of violent shades give a perfect bohemian look. It’s the accurate sense of minimalism and expressionism. 

How to set up a Bohemian Dinner Table for Thanksgiving?

When it comes to setting up the dinner table, the first thing that comes to your mind is comfort and peace. So, a bohemian touch with a little sparkle of colors on your tablespace will make the whole outlook stand out giving a warm and chic look. Let’s see how you can do that. 


Firstly, the selection of tables is the most important thing, go with the vintage wooden floor tables to give a relaxing vibe with comfy colorful and leafy printed floor cushions or poufs as a substitute for traditional hard chairs. Also, throw a vintage neutral-colored rug as a base of your table. A floral centerpiece over the rug will add to the overall spark.

Now for styling the table, use a hand-knitted mushroom-colored table runner to give a perfect bohemian touch. Also, use some pastel color napkins with some colorful stone napkin rings. Bohemian fashion is the name of focusing on details. 

Florals and Candles:

Your holiday table is incomplete without some flowers and candles. Don’t go for a usual flower bouquet rather add some unique and original florals such as dried flowers, strawflowers, succulents, or ferns. Use some bayberry or amber candles in wooden or metallic candlestands to make your space smell fantastic. Hanging some yellow lights over the table gives a magical and rustic boho vibe. 

Serveware and Plates:

Finally, for the dishes, let’s add some bright colors to your table. Use some colorful plates with symmetrical patterns and golden linings. Layer them up with some neutral-colored large plates for a mix-fit. For serving your grilled turkey use some white serving dishes with some glitter glazing to give a flawless bohemian look. Consider using rose gold or blue-violet-toned glasses to add a little texture to your table.

For a subtle bohemian look stick to some core colors with lots of neutrals such as white, gray, or sienna. Bohemian décor is all about a retro and comfy look with an element of style and fun. Boho designs give you the freedom of playing with colors.

How To Prepare a Menu For a Boho Thanksgiving?

A bohemian Thanksgiving menu is all about some organic, flavorful, and bold dishes on your tablespace. All you have to do is serve your guests pure and raw dishes with a boho surprise. Think of some grilled Turkey, Sweet Potato Casserole, Walnut Pie, Brussels Sprout glazed with some flavors that complement one another such as honey or a sprinkle of rosemary leaves.

Let’s take a dive into some delicious dishes. Warning, your mouth might get watery! 

Main Dish:

The main idea is to go traditional with the food as Turkey is the noticeable choice but all you have to do is go with the classic recipe with the blend of flavors and colors to cook your holiday dinner with perfection. For some additional vibrant hues, you can add Grilled Chicken with honey sauce or Lamb Tagine served with roasted cauliflowers, mashed polenta, and cheese to your menu as well.

Salads and Cooked Greens:

Now let’s talk about the side dishes. The plan is to go simple, light yet refreshing. You can plan to add some Mashed Potatoes with olive oil or some Roasted Turnips. Now add two to three herb-based dishes such as salads or roasted green vegetables. You can go with the Bohemian Collard which is unique and flavorful. 

Salads are the perfect starter and can be served as a side dish. You can add different salads to your menu depending upon your taste such asRoasted Beet Goat Cheese Salad, Classis Greek Salad, Farro Salad, Chickpea Salad, and many more. There are many other winning recipes to surprise your family and friends such as Quinoa stuffed squash boats, Green Bean Casserole, etc. 


For the drinks plan something special and refreshing to complete your Thanksgiving dinner such as fall cocktails glazed with maple syrup and cinnamon. 


Finally, the desert, love it or not but the sweet dish gives a whip of sass and color to your Thanksgiving dinner table. It’s all about symbolizing love and affection. If you are looking for some boho-tarts go with the Apricot tart with the sprinkle of almonds and peanuts or Baklava Cheesecakes. You can add a cranberry-based tart too. Cranberries give a refreshing complement to your savory relish.

This holiday is all about the delicious and yummiest food and compromises on food is not tolerated. We bet you can relate! 

How to Create a Perfect Bohemian Outfit for this  Thanksgiving?

And finally, comes the most awaited part! Don’t forget the most important aspect of the event – YOUR OUTFIT. It’s the time to create the comfiest yet most stylish outfit for this holiday dinner with your loved ones. Bohemian style is just about cherishing the casual face of your personal style statement. It is dedicated to the most comfortable and the sassiest look ever. 

Boho-chic looks are a mixture of some old, new, high, low, neutral, and some vibrant tones. It’s been said that when you are dressed well, you feel well. Now the question arises of how you can go for the subtle, chic, and unique look with the sparkling accents of glam and sass. Don’t worry we have got you covered. So, don’t miss the chance to be crowned as the “Holiday Queen”! Read on to find some chic outfit ideas.

Pleated Skirt with Sweatshirt:

Thanksgiving is an eventful and busy holiday, so all you want is to dress comfortably and look chic at the same time to eat and drizzle your dinner turkey with a flair. For a boho-chic vibe, you can go with a dark pleated skirt with a neutral sassy sweatshirt with some black suede boots. To add an element of uniqueness you can pair it up with cute little pearly studs and a small plain golden chain. When it comes to accessorizing your outfit, less is more!

Split Sleeve Mini Dress with a Beret:

Dress up a pastel-colored split-sleeves mini flowy dress with high knees leather boots. For a boho vibe wear a black beret along with some crystal chains around your neck. Don’t forget to wear light crystal bracelets to complete your look. This is the super chic and comfortable look to hang out with your friends and family this holiday.

Pixie Print Patchwork Dungarees:

Pixie print boho dungarees with comfy sandals make a style statement. You usually spend most of the time cooking, volunteering, or preparing for Friendsgiving so a comfortable dungaree makes your day perfect. Don’t forget to add a little sparkle to your outfit by pairing it up with some gold hoops and a pendant with a stone.

Loose Leather Pants with a Vibrant Sweater:

If you want to go from cute little buddy to cool girl of the town, we suggest you pair your burnt sienna leather pants with vibrant puff sleeves hand-knitted sweater. For the footwear wear off-white espadrilles to feel yourself over the moon. We guarantee you, you will be admired for your ability to rock on a sexy girlish knit!

Flannel Pajamas with a Jacket:

Make your boho Thanksgiving dinner statement with comfy and cozy flannel pajama and a jacket duo with vibrantly toned plaids. You can wear a black turtleneck with a black belt bag and Brazilian heels. We are sure all the girls will be aww-ing your perfect dinner look!

Bohemian Style Kimono Maxi with High Heels:

Ready to feel super classy and cozy? Slip-on the most stylish kimono sleeves maxi with sexy golden high heels to feel daring and sassy. It’s a perfect combo to steal the show. Add some minimal jewelry for the perfect glam.

That’s all you need to know to spend a boho-inspired Thanksgiving holiday this year. We wish you a very happy holiday in advance. Hope you find this article useful to throw a perfect bohemian-styled Thanksgiving dinner!


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