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The Top 5 Bohemian Beach Outfits

It’s time to live the summer dream! That’s right girls, ‘that’ time of the year is here. Time to flex those summer bodies and booties that you’ve been working so hard for! It’s time to grab that sunscreen and jump into a cute outfit and march straight to the beach.

Summer is all about having a chic beachy wardrobe. Usually, a beachy wardrobe is all about swimsuits and bikinis, but we get it, it gets boring. There are only a limited number of ways to style a bikini, and everybody is doing it! To spice things up, you need to level up your beach game. But the question is how? And to answer that question, you simply need to step into the Boho world! Bohemian fashion is all about liberation and expressing freedom in the hottest yet comfiest way possible. So to gleam in the heat, all you will need to do is to pair up your beach essentials with some sexy yet elegant Boho touch-ups. Trust us, you’ll be living the summer Barbie dream!

Bohemian fashion preaches expression. It aims to perfect the imperfect. It’s adored for embracing the rough shrubs and tying them up gorgeously into the bouquet. So it’s clear that all that your beach wardrobe desires are some sprinkles and spazzles of the Boho style. In this article, we will be highlighting the top 5 must-haves hot in trend Boho beach outfits that are bound to complete your summer look. Ready to compete with the heat? Read on to be crowned as the Beach Queen! 

1. The Breezy Beachy Kimonos:

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind after taking a dip in the sea? Ours is ‘Need a cover-up!’. And we know we’re not the only ones who get awkward as hell while walking from home to the beach in a bikini. So what to do? One option is to wear a loose worn-out tee over the bikini, but let’s be honest, it’s gonna put a big dent in your look. You’re not heading for a sleepover, it’s a freaking summer party! 

But don’t sweat, the Boho style has got your back! All your 99 beachy problems have only one solution - a Beachy Kimono. Kimonos are the style icons of Bohemian fashion. They stand as the fashion statements in the Boho world. Whether you’re heading out for groceries, or a party, or a picnic with your soulmate, a Kimono will be your best pal. The same goes for Beachy Kimonos, but they serve a much bigger purpose. Beachy Kimonos are ideal for a bikini cover-up. They are chic, elegant, decent, and the definition of sexy. 

Beachy Kimonos are long and breezy, thus giving you a full-body cover-up whilst flaunting your bikini. They are very airline and flowy and have beautiful summery patterns embossed all over them. Usually, the Beachy Kimonos are made up of soft and delicate fabric like chiffon, that’s the secret of their breeziness. Simply put, a Beachy Kimono acts as a cape to give you the queen Elsa of the beach vibe!  You can wear it to your bestie’s pool party or for a relaxing day at the beach. For a more foxy outlook, you can keep the Beachy Kimono open from the front to show off that summer body. Not in the mood for a swim? Simply put on your Beachy Kimono and sit back to soak in the sun. Trust us, you’ll be the epitome of classy! 

How to Style the Beachy Kimono:

A Beachy Kimono is your best buddy for the summer craziness. It’s classy, it’s decent, it’s sexy, it’s everything that your summer aura just needs! You can match up your Beachy Kimono with your bikini for converting your two-piece into a three-piece. Mix and match always work right in the Boho world, so electrify your summer look by pairing bright colored bikinis with a nude shade Beachy Kimono or pastel bikinis with a bright Beachy Kimono. Flip flops are the summer essentials, and in this case, the missing puzzle piece to complement your Beachy Kimono. Top off your look with some long crystal or floral pendants to really get into that party zone. Sunglasses are a must! They’ll make your look go from a wow to a WOW! Now that’s a difference! Just imagine how incredibly posh and foxy you will look coming out of the sea, and then wearing your Beachy Kimono for just the right amount of cover-up, whilst your wet hair falls down to your shoulders as you sip a martini. Now that’s called a diva! 

2. The Daring Monokini:

Planning to go all bold and brave this summer? Then keep reading! The Monokini is not for the fainthearted, it’s the definition of sexy, the statement of classy, and the declaration of bold and feisty. Monokini is basically a one-piece bikini that extends from the upper thigh and splits into two extremely thin strips that touch the breasts and goes all the way up to the neck. There is no specific or standard design of a Monokini. Some prefer their Monokinis to cover their bellies along with the chest while some just prefer the reveal. 

The ‘B’ in Bohemian stands for bold and when it comes to being bold, a Monokini is all that you are going to need. Monokinis are simply perfect for beachy parties and pool parties. They elevate your look to a new spectrum of sexy and classy. Many people have the misconception that the Boho style is anything but sexy. The Monokini, however, stands against that misconception. It’s the sexiest and boldest piece in the Boho wardrobe!

The color palette for the Monokinis is a very subtle one. Usually mono shades of nude and black are popular in Monokinis but some Boho queens also prefer Monokinis with floral patterns. Monokinis have different design patterns. Some have strips that extend from the thigh, some have meshing on the chest area, and some simply have a braided pattern. Each Monokini is unique in its own way but the one thing they all have in common - sexiness! If you’re planning to imprint your summer look into the hearts and minds of your pals, then without a second of thought, slip on that Monokini! 

How to Style the Monokini:

Monokini is the swimwear for the daring. To style a Monokini, focus on the minimal. The Monokini itself is a ‘too much’ expression, so keep the accessories focus to the minimum. No need to wear your crystal pendant with this one, but your crystal studs are dying to come out of the jewelry box. Style the Monokini with some crystal studs and rings. Flip flops again are a must, but since it’s a Monokini and you want to classy form head to toe in it, so go for some chic stone embossed flip flops. In a Monokini, sunglasses are not a must, but do you know what is a must? Sunscreen! And loads and loads of sunscreen! Fashion is necessary but it should not come with the cost of damaged skin. Lastly, top of your Monokini with a bucket load of confidence! 

3. The Classy Kimono Sets:

Beach is not always for swimming, right? In fact, it’s the perfect relaxation spot! Long walks at the beach at sunset, calmly sitting on a deck chair soaking in the sun, getting that perfect tan. That’s what a beach is all about! So what to wear for a relaxing day at that beach? A bikini? A monokini? A gown? All wrong! What you’re gonna need for your perfect day out at the beach is a nice and sophisticated Kimono set!

Kimono sets are the cutest and the most delicate beach outfit in the Boho wardrobe. A Kimono set basically consists of short boxer-type shorts paired up with a flowy kimono. The flowy and breezy nature of a Kimono set is the reason why it’s ideal for a relaxing day. It lets you enjoy the wonders of the beach while staying in your comfort zone. The ultimate comfiest beach outfit! Kimono sets are a bit different from the usual beachwear, but that is what makes them unique! 

Kimono sets come in colorful patterns, usually florals, with vibrant as well as pastel colors. They are made up of very lightweight materials, like chiffon and silk, which contributes to their airline feature. They are very comfortable and can be thought of as pajamas for the beach! A Kimono set is definitely the first choice if you are heading out for a romantic sunset, a tan day, or even for a beach picnic. Trust us, the classiness and the simplicity of the Kimono set are gonna make you stand out and give you a unique vibe. This colorful two-piece is gonna make you shine in the sunlight! 

How to Style the Kimono Set:

Kimono sets radiate simplicity. They are the epitome of modesty and set the tone for a relaxing day. To style a Kimono set, you need to develop a mindset first - Relaxation! And that is all that you need to think about while styling one. Pick all the pieces that make you feel relaxed. Remember, it’s your day at the beach, it’s your relaxation retrieve, so surround yourself with elements that will soothe your soul. But to cover the basics, style a Kimono set with some elegant yet funky crystal studs. Go for a crystal or floral chain this time instead of a pendant, you will see the difference yourself! Since by wearing a Kimono set you are not intending to go into the water anytime soon, so go wild on that hairdo. Get some beachy waves or some loosely braided ponytails, that will never go wrong! To complete your look, pair up your Kimono set with a matching tote bag to carry your water bottle, and of course sunscreen. Pick a fun pair of sunglasses to really enjoy that sun. And keep in mind the most important element of styling the Kimono set, do remember to Relax!

4. The Elegant Tunic:

Ahh, Tunics… The most distinct and unique beachwear! Tunics are a very special kind of beach outfit that only exists in the Boho fashion cupboard. It is known to be the beach outfit of divas. The Tunic is basically a loose and flowy shirt that extends all the way to the lower thigh. It’s basically kind of like a hippie dress with embroidery and embossments. The origin of Tunics comes from the Asian culture, specifically from the subcontinent. 

Tunics are the most elegant, chicest, sophisticated, and comfiest outfits in the Boho summer wardrobe. They are breezy and airline and usually have quarter to full sleeves. Tunics are considered to be the dress of the hippies, a symbol of comfort and freedom which is why it is extremely popular in the Boho realm. Tunics are usually made up of soft fabric like chiffon or cotton and have various prints on them. Each Tunic is unique in its own way. Some have embroidered necklines, others have meshed. Some contain floral patterns while others are block printed. Some extend out till the lower thigh as one piece while some need to be tied up from the front. 

Tunics are ideal if you are planning to have a beach vacay with your family. They can also be your best pal for evening beach parties. The occasions for wearing a Tunic are limitless but every Tunic needs to be styled in its own chic way. Trust us, your wardrobe needs it more than anything! 

How to Style the Elegant Tunic:

Styling a Tunic is super fun! The number one essential you need for styling one is a big beach hat. It will certainly level up your look and will serve as the crown for the beach queen. Don’t hold back on the accessories, in fact, take as many as you need! Go for pendants and chains and necklaces. Overdo those earrings as well. Never fear to showcase your crystal love while wearing a Tunic, trust us, it will complete the look. For hairdo, go for a messy bun this time or even beachy waves will leave everyone in awe. And finally, for footwear, bring out your trustee flip-flops and dance the night away! 

5. The Flowy Sundresses:

Want to feel like a supermodel at the beach? If so, then don’t be shy and bring out that sundress! And trust us, the longer the better! Flowy sundresses can never go wrong at the beach. They are breezy and delicate with the right amount of sexiness. 

Flowy Sundresses are a must-have if you’re looking for a glamourous photoshoot at the beach, or heading out to a beach party. They come in different lengths and patterns. Some are till the knees while some extend all the way down to the feet. They contain both floral as well as plain patterns. Whatever the length or the design, a flowy sundress is bound to make you feel like the Cinderella at the beach!

Flowy sundresses are an essential part of the Bohemian summer closet. They are perfect not just for the beach but also for other summer events. They are definitely a must-have in your beachy Boho summer collection! Every sundress is unique in its own way. Some are princess-y while some are mermaid-y. The color palette for sundresses cannot be limited to a few colors. It’s very vast like the sundress variety itself. Trust us when we say that the flowy sundress will definitely fulfill your summer wardrobe! 

How to Style the Flowy Sundress:

Every sundress is unique in its own way and hence needs to be styled differently. Some require minimum accessories while others require some heavy touch-ups. If you’re wearing a cute sundress that extends till the knees then go heavy on the accessories. Wear crystal pendants and crystal studs and don’t go easy on the bracelets. But on the other hand, if you’re wearing a long, sexy, and glamorous sundress, then just go with a small chain and some pearl studs. For footwear, go for some beachy sandals. As for the hairdo, do whatever your inner Boho spirit tells you! We guarantee you, you will be the star of the beach! 

That’s all you need to know about Boho beach dresses! Hope you found this helpful enough to fill your closet! Have a wild hot girls’ summer!

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