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The baddest bohemian styled icons

The Boho fashion world is a fun place. Pops of colors, quirky patterns, diva vibes, it just couldn’t get any better! It’s a world which liberates you from the chains of labels, allows you to be free, and gifts you the freedom of expression through your clothes. The Boho fashion world embraces the unique edges of your personality and shapes it up into a chic, iconic, and fierce look, crowning you as the style queen wherever you go!

While Bohemian fashion has a lot of sparks and perks attached to its name, it’s not always easy. It takes a great amount of time and effort to plan and slay a boho outfit. Since the bohemian fashion consists of pops and buzz of colors, mix ‘n match of patterns, edgy yet sassy covers, and definitely lots of crystals, it can be quite overwhelming to maintain a balance between all these aspects of the boho culture. In such fashion dilemmas, we all need to look up to our fashion queens to guide us on our path. The same goes for the boho fashion world. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the chicest and gorgeous top icons of bohemian fashion. We will take a trip through their closets and learn the top-secret tricks and tips they have to offer to help us slay through the day, all in the boho way! So let’s dive right in!

Talitha Getty:

The boho fashion, as we all know, is not new. It gained recognition somewhere back in the early 1900s and it was in this century that the boho queen legend, Talitha Getty, set the world ablaze with her iconic style and killer looks. Talitha Getty was the 1960s queen, the era when boho fashion gained its first peak. She fascinated the world with her Dutch It-girl looks paired with her bohemian closet. She is the reason why boho fashion became a statement in Hollywood. Unfortunately, her mystifying era was only short-lived as she died a tragic death at a very young age of just 30. 

Talitha Getty’s wardrobe became a major source of inspiration for the rest of the world. Some of her fashion staples include her beaded headsets, glorious kimonos, flawless hats, and jaw-dropping tunics. Her each and every look was a reflection of the bohemian fashion. She started the pattern on pattern trend by pairing her long flowy floral kimonos over her embroidered tunics.

Even her wedding dress stunned the world! Her wedding dress was quite unconventional for its time as instead of preferring a long princessy ballgown, she chose to wear a boho-inspired mini skirt with chic mink trim and a gorgeous furry hat which tied the whole look beautifully and elegantly.

Even in the present world, many stylists and designers gain inspiration from her crystal beaded headsets and her crystal pendants, making them the stand-out piece in their collection, and of course, a shoutout to the bohemian fashion.

Talitha Getty’s style stands as a beacon of light in the boho fashion world. Boho gals of all ages and eras can easily follow in her footsteps in becoming the ultimate fashion diva. So if you ever get confused on how to style your kimonos or how to effortlessly slay your beaded headset, just go down to Google and type in Talitha Getty! Though she died a young death, her Boho soul lives on to inspire us all!

Donna Summer:

When addressing the list of topbohemian styled icons of fashion we just couldnt wait to mention the Disco Queen, Donna Summer. The 1970s disco era was definitely a frenzied one and Donna Summer was its goddess. Her chic boho looks paired with her iconic music instantly won everyone’s heart. Not only she produced some great songs, which still know how to lift the mood, but she also made multiple fashion statements by giving the boho fashion a new direction. Her style, her powerful voice, her amazing personality, all pointed towards her eagerness to embrace the boho world. For as long as she lived, she continued to create hot fashion pieces, trendy songs, and of course, boho staples. She died at the age of 63 after losing her life battle to cancer. 

Donna Summer was not only a disco queen but also a boho queen. In fact, the word queen is an understatement, she was a boho style legend! She introduced matching sets in the boho wardrobe and also flare pants. Both these staples became hot sellers in the disco era and they still continue to decor the 21st century fashion runways. Donna Summer astonished the world when she made an entrance with the gorgeous gypsy pants.

Due to Donna’s love for gypsy pants, they instantly started to crowd the dance floors and became the ultimate must-have for every boho gal. She also introduced sexy flowy boho dresses which gave her every performance an immediate thumbs up!

Donna Summer’s fashion wardrobe provides guidance to all of us boho gals to slay through the summer heat. Her simple yet elegant outfits are perfect staples to embrace the boho culture and reflect your inner boho essence! 

Janis Joplin:

Janis Joplin is one of the top and the most iconic boho diva of all time. She won the hearts of millions with her melodious voice and her alluring fashion pieces. Her unique boho style attracted the world in an instant! Janis also introduced some amazing pieces in the boho fashion closet which revolutionized the bohemian world. She gained instant and early fame through her fashion and style and got crowned with the title of the ultimate boho queen of all time. Janis died an early death at just the age of 27 but her Boho soul lives on to guide us all through our fashion dilemmas.

Many boho fashion statement pieces such as the matching sets, flare pants, the chic boho two-pieces, flowy tunics, and baggy shirts came into existence due to the iconic Janis Joplin. She styled each piece with such elegance that it perfectly fit her rock and roll image. The unique thing about her fashion was the fact that although all her wardrobe was entirely bohemian, it still gave her personality and her whole outlook an edgy and fierce persona. She came up with the unique trend of over-styling crystals pendants which became a sensation all over the world. Moreover, her sparkly scarves stunned the fashion divas and became the new standout piece of the bohemian culture. Her edgy boho spikey boots gave her whole personality a sexy and bold image.

Janis Joplin outfit pieces are the holy grail of bohemian fashion. Her unique style and alluring fashion sense provide the young boho enthusiasts of today with a direction to slay the boho world and set examples every day, everywhere

Chaka Khan:

Chaka Khan is an American singer and one of the top icons of bohemian fashion. Chaka made her debut in the world of music and fashion in the late 1960s and immediately became a sensation around the globe. Her fashion sense and beautiful voice paved way for her immense success.

She captured the hearts of millions due to her unique style, bold personality, and her overflowing love for bohemian fashion. She bedazzled her every performance with unique and funky pieces from her boho closet which all added an extra flair to her empowering voice and her catchy songs. To date, her style continues to be the inspiration of fashion shows and runways. 

Chaka Khan is a goddess when it comes to bohemian fashion. She’s probably the first woman ever who effortlessly styled a beach outfit into an everyday casual outfit and rocked the world. Chaka is recognized as a sensation in the world of fashion due to her bold and feisty wardrobe choices which are all dripping in bohemian essence.

She ruled her every performance with unique pieces which consisted of boho beachwear, sexy tunics, and glamourous kimonos. She styled the boho beachwear outfits in such a way that they became a remarkable piece on the red carpets. Her love for flowy kimonos was obvious from her performances and her photoshoots as it seemed that she always carried one around, the right kimono for the right occasion! One of her statement pieces, which dominated her every performance, was the extraordinary tunics. She elegantly paired sexy tunics with gypsy pants and lots of crystal accessories which made her personality jawdropping!

The bohemian fashion ride is a bumpy one but Chaka Khan’s exclusive boho outfits definitely are the seatbelt! Whenever you feel overwhelmed by what to wear at the beach or how to create a unique boho casual outfit, just take a peek in Chaka Khan’s wardrobe! You will get the solution to all your boho fashion problems! 

Sienna Miller:

Though bohemian fashion is timeless, but if you are looking for a more modern solution, then Sienna Miller has the answer! Sienna is a British American actress who is also Hollywood’s little sweetheart. The major reason for her ever-growing popularity lies in her fashion choices. She’s always on the lookout to create sensational red carpet pieces and always dives into the bohemian closet to express and impress!

Sienna Miller is the boho queen of today’s time. No one does it better than her. She’s a true bohemian fashion icon. Whether be it flair pants, or flowy kimonos, sexy tunics, or crochet dresses, Sienna slays each and every one of them. She elegantly styles each staple with the right amount of accessories and the perfect footwear. Not only that, but she also pulls off a new hairdo with every look which just elevates her outfit to a whole new level. She’s a true diva when it comes to styling country dresses and edgy pieces. Her sweet personality paired with her boho wardrobe makes her the ultimate inspiration for us all!

Sienna Miller has all the answers to modern boho problems. She effortlessly rocks every boho outfit she steps in and creates a statement. You definitely need to follow her style if you are looking for some instant inspo!

Zoe Kravitz:

Do you remember the beautiful bohemian Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) and the amazing legenday rock and roll musician Lenny Kravitz? Their bohemian hippie love child Zoe Kravitz is second generation modern bohemian fashion icon. She’s an American singer, model, and actress. The unique thing about Zoe's bohemian fashion is that she initially inherited it from her parents but now is revolutionizing the bohemian world with her boldness and edginess. Zoe's fashion pieces leave everyone stunned once she makes an entrance. The newness that she has introduced in the boho fashion world has brightened the world of fashion.

Zoe Kravtiz’s fashion wardrobe is entirely bohemian. Whether it’s her casual outfits, her performance outfits, or her red carpet outfits, she slays each and every one of them with elegance and sassiness. Recently, she has introduced a new style in a bohemian fashion which is the edgy boho style. This style comprises edgy pieces like spiky crystal jewelry and mostly black staples.

Ankle-length boots of this style are another statement piece. Zoe makes sure to top off every look with a chic hairdo and a subtle makeup look which has made her the center of attention of fashion designers.

If you’re more into rock and roll bohemian, then you should definitely follow  Zoe Kravitz’s style for some instant inspiration. Her style will surely help you pull off every look with the utmost elegance and class! 

Olsen Sisters:

The list of the top icons of bohemian fashion is incomplete without the mention of the Olsen Twins - Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. These twin sisters have been ruling the fashion world ever since they were teenagers. Though their wardrobe is very colorful and versatile, but it mostly comprises signature boho pieces. 

The Olsen Sisters have a very unique taste in fashion as their wardrobe mostly focuses on being minimalistic. They very elegantly pair up their love for minimal fashion with boho attire. Often they have created statement looks on the red carpets with sexy kimonos, lacy shawls, embroidered tunics, and floral country dresses.

Their each and every look has inspired fashion designers all over the world who all praise the Olsen twins as the boho fashion gurus. Whether be it crystal studs or a pair of funky sunglasses, the Olsen twins will always find the effortlessly perfect way to style them all in a boho outfit. 

The Olsen twins have set multiple examples for us boho gals to follow. Their style guides us into a new dimension of bohemian fashion which focuses on minimalist boho. If you are stuck on finding inspiration, then we suggest you go run and follow the Olsen Sisters!

That was all from the list of top icons of bohemian fashion. We hope you found this article helpful! 

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